Friday, September 26, 2008

Amazing Jakes!
Have any of you been to Amazing Jakes? We had so much fun and the girls and us enjoyed riding the rides with the girls. We went with our friends and their little girl. We rode on the train, carousel, tea cups(my favorite) and Ry LOVED spinning extremely fast and the bumper cars were fun too. When you first get their they have a huge buffet that you can eat at and dessert and then you go on the rides and get sick. No not really, but they do have lots to do and it's tons of fun. Brooklyn Loved going on this extremely fast ride and her and Mariyah love fast rides just like their mom:).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sleepover for a week:)
My friend Stephanie and her 2 boys(who are the same age as the girls) stayed with us for a week. We had so much fun staying up late, and the kids had fun playing together. I am so thankful that she came and visited for the week. We even had Joshua watch the kids at midnight(of course the kids were all sleeping) and we ran to Walmart and had fun shopping. We went to Tempe Town Lake while she was here and the mall so that the kids could play. Here are some great pics of the week we had.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Helping in Mariyah's Class
So today I helped in Mariyah's classroom and it was lots of fun. One of the activities I helped with was Alphabet Bingo with 25 kids(we rotated with the activities so I had 5 kids per Bingo.
I was in aw as to how emotional some of these children are and not to mention when they don't win they are so upset. This little boy named Ben started to cry when he didn't win and then he said to the 2 other students that did win that he was going to Kill them because they won. I was in shock what he said and I said we don't say that and let him know that he could still win the next game. So instead of him getting all upset again I felt bad so I set it up so that he would win and then he was happy. This girl named Morgyn told me on the playground that she was allergic to monkey bars...cute huh. When we asked the kids to put their homework in their backpacks Kaitlyn started to cry and was all upset because she forgot her backpack today. My oh my I give extreme probs to all teachers. This was my 1st time volunteering in the classroom and I already know all the kids names, the kids that don't listen, cause problems and so on. The classic moment was when Emma said...Ms. Hadley why do you talk so fast:). I thought that was so funny and cute....since I do talk really fast but don't realize it because most people who know me are used to it...well I think they are:) Overall it was a great day and Mariyah loved me being in her classroom.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Love the Baby
The girls have lots of baby dolls but this baby got some extra special love today. I found Brooklyn pulling the stuffing out of the baby! At first I was like oh no Brooklyn what are you doing and then when I saw her doing it she stopped. Then a few minutes later I went back to see what she was doing and found the stuffing from the doll in the baby carrier. What a sweet mommy she is going to be:). Brooklyn cracks me up!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to Apply Mascara by Brooklyn:)
Earlier this morning while the girls and I were getting ready Brooklyn finally got into my makeup. Now of course most children try hard everyday to get into mom's makeup(well at least my girls do) and Brooklyn has been obsessed with getting a hold of my mascara. Of course they have their play makeup, brushes that I don't use anymore, but oh no they only want my makeup. As you can see this morning she succeeded and this is how I found her:). I told her to look in the mirror and she laughed and thought it was funny. I got a great laugh out of it and a few pics too.