Monday, August 27, 2007

Our family went to Rocky Point and we had an amazing time. We stayed at a Beautiful resort and spent most our time in the pool or on the ocean. It was so peaceful and so pretty. Brooklyn LOVED the sand and Mariyah loved chasing her Uncles around and running in the water. We all had such a memorable experience and the scenery was amazing. I know there are lots of pictures from our trip, but considering I took a TON I did limit myself to only a few on our blog:) It is just so hard to really capture how beautiful it was in a picture, but we sure enjoyed it. We were 8 stories up and I was pretty much paranoid with the balcony outside because of Mariyah getting too close to it. Well at one point I was searching all over for her and when I looked in the laundry room there she was in the dryer. I was just happy she was safe and didn't hop over the balcony. As you can see in the picture she wasn't worried and was all smiles when I finally found her.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Welcome Home Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had so much fun for Darren's party. Lots of family and friends came and we had some great food too. My brother brought home all these shirts from Brazil for the family and we enjoyed wearing them as a family. I think we are going to use them for our Christmas picture too. I thought the picture of the dog was funny because Mariyah took her bows out and put them on Penny dog.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Darren is home from his mission in Goinia Brazil

My Brother Darren came home from his mission this morning and we are so happy to have him home. Here are some pictures that were taken at the airport. This is the 1st time Brooklyn and Darren have seen eachother and she loved her Uncle Darren so much. Mariyah wasn't quite 2 before Darren left and when she saw him she ran away from him. Once we got to my parents house she started to warm up to him and I love the picture of the girls and their Uncle Darren. Our family is so grateful that he served a mission and he was an amazing missionary. We are going to have a Welcome home party at my parents Saturday night so I am sure there will be more pictures to come:)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Sunsplash Water Park!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week we went to Sunsplash and the girls and their cousin Carter had so much fun. Brooklyn loved eating a cookie that her sister gave her. My dad's work had a party at Sunsplash and they had food and lots of drinks too. Mariyah loved the wave pool and the lazy river with the big red tubes. Amy's mom and dad are pictured with their grandchildren:)