Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jump & Shout

A few weeks ago Emily and I got together with our girls and we went to Jump and Shout. The girls had so much fun and I was only able to get a few pics because my camera battery was about dead. We had fun chatting while the girls had fun playing. Jump and Shout is a really fun place for kids and it's located at Riverview.

Can you see Brooklyn? She was having fun building.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fashion Show at Fiesta Mall

On Saturday I was in a fashion show put on by Westcor at Fiesta Mall. I had my hair professionally done by Regis and my make up done by Benefit in Macy's. It was so fun to be pampered and I loved the outfit I wore.

It was a great experience and Brooklyn and I are going to be modeling for Mesa Chamber of Commerce coming up in a few weeks.

Here are the picture's of me Modeling:).

Can you tell I had a fun time:)

I loved my hair!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mariyah & Brooklyn after School

Mariyah loves school and she is having so much fun. She loves her teacher and has made lots of friends. She makes friends easily because she loves to talk and loves to play:) These pictures were taken on the first day when Brooklyn and I went to pick Mariyah up. Brooklyn was so excited to see Mariyah that she gave her a hug. Brooklyn also got a new outfit for her first day of her sister going to school:). She was posing and having fun because she felt like it was her special day too.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mariyah's 1st day of Kindergarten

Mariyah was so excited for school today that she didn't go to bed until 11 last night and was wide awake at 7 am saying mom I am ready for school:). I thought for sure since she went to be so late that she would be tired when I woke her up this morning but she was up and ready to go.

*Joshua's mom is visiting from Alaska so I think that's why Mariyah wanted to stay up late and I didn't mind because Joshua took him mom to the airport at 4 am this morning and I know Mariyah wanted to spend time with her before Grandma left*

She picked out her adorable blue outfit that Grandma bought her. She totally looks like a school girl in her skirt and sweater. I knew it would be too hot for the sweater but she got herself ready and after we took the pictures outside she said I am going to take my sweater off because it's too hot. Glad she made the choice on her own....because mom's don't always know what's best lol according to kids.

She was so happy this morning and we got to school 20 minutes early and she had fun playing on the playground and playing with lots of fun friends. When it was time she lined up with her class and then she was on her way to kindergarten.

I am so excited for her and she is so excited for school. Kindergarten is all day and so we bought her a lunch box and she is all ready to eat lunch at school and I am sure she will have a wonderful 1st day.

She was all about posing this morning

Cute school girl

Showing off her backpack

Playing on the playground before school started

Mariyah's best friend Kaylee. They have been friends since they were babies.

Is plaid in this year or what?

Mariyah's friends from her pre-k class last year

Getting ready to head into class

Friday, August 7, 2009


We took the girls to skateland and they had so much fun. It brought back memories of going to skateland when I was a teenager. The camera battery was dying but I was able to get a few pics. I wish I was able to get more pics of the girls skating on the rink but we all had a fun time skating. Dora was skating and Broooklyn loved seeing Dora and she felt so big wearing skates. Mariyah has a pair of skates and we rented a pair for Brooklyn, me and Joshua. Overall it was a fun experience:).

Mariyah getting ready to skate. She ended up skating all around the rink but it was her 1st time so she was holding on to the side but eventually felt confident and skated all over:).

Mariyah holding Brooklyn's hand getting ready to help her skate.

Cute sisters. What cracks me up in this picture is that instead of them both smiling it looks like they have the same facial expression.

Brookie taking a break from skating and when she took a break either Joshua or me would sit out. She's looking for me on the rink.

Aren't her skates too cute.