Monday, June 27, 2011


My parents got chicks in May and in June and the girls have been going crazy over them. They love the chicks and have so much fun playing with them. They have grown a lot since these pictures but it's so much fun and such a great experience for the girls:). They always LOVE going to grandma and grandpas house but especially now with the chicks:).

Counting Pennies

The girls love to count money:). Mariyah always asks what she can do to earn money. This picture was taken a few months ago but I still wanted to post it:).

Matching shirt with the Girls

Last year I went to Dc when I was pregnant with Andrew and Joshua watched the girls. When I got home I had bought the girls and I matching shirts. The other night Mariyah said mom can we wear our matching shirts that you bought us in DC to bed and have a sleep over on the couch. Well since it's summer time I said yes that we could sleep on the couch and it was fun to match my girls:).

I love my girls:)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby Arianna with her cousin's holding her for the 1st time

The girls were loving every minute holding their sweet baby cousin. My brother and his wife Tami had their 1st baby born on May 29th. She is such a cute baby and so so sweet. They came over to my parents house last week for dinner and told the girls they could hold her. You can see by the excitement on their faces that they are happy. Andrew had a good time and I think he was trying to figure out what was going on and who Arianna was.

Mariyah is all smiles:)

So Precious

Andrew is checking her out.

They're 7 months apart.

Aunt Amy with baby girl Arianna

Having fun with both the babies...just one is a bit bigger lol

I absoulutly LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo of my beautiful
mom and Andrew

Father's Day for Joshua

Father's day was a great morning. The girls and I made breakfast for Joshua. We have church at 9am so we had to get up early so we could make him a great meal:). The girls thought it would be fun to buy star wars plates and cups so we did and he thought it was pretty fun.

Joshua likes the movie thor so we bought him a toy:).

Neck Massager...he said are you sure you didn't buy it for yourself lol.

Daddy and Andrew

Daddy with his kids:)

I love this photo. We made Joshua a candy saying and he loved it.
We gave him the candy when we got back from church that way he we eat is breakfast lol.

Brookie LOVES her daddy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Camping in the backyard

The girls and Joshua thought it would be really fun to camp in the backyard so they did:). It was so cute because I could hear them telling stories and laughing and having so much fun. Andrew and I decided to sleep in the house but it was a neat experience for the girls to be "camping" even if it was in the backyard. It's all about making memories and they had a great time.

Fun with dad

They were so excited to camp in the backyard and get all comfy even though
it was a little warm outside it was still lots of fun for them.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pictures of the Kids
I was going to take the kids to get their pictures taken at a studio and then decided to take pictures myself. I had lots of fun and the girls and Andrew were great at smiling and having a good time. I really wanted to take pictures of the kids by the lake because Joshua loves the lake so for Father's Day we gave him the picture of the kids along with lots of other fun gifts. I will post father's day pics soon.

My Favorite Picture of the kids together

Friday, June 17, 2011

Amy's 32nd Birthday!!!!

My birthday was amazing:). In the morning I went out my front door and my mom had surprised me and bought me a cute mat that had flip flops on it and my door was decorated and I had a balloon and a Happy Birthday sign. It was so sweet and my whole day was centered around flip flops with my mom and sister's:). My mom surprised me by making my day a flip flop day. We started out the morning by getting pedicures while my sister Lindsey watched the kids for me:). We also went to Joe's BBQ for some lunch and it was really good.
Then that evening my parents watched the kids while Joshua and I went out to Olive Garden which was so nice to go out to dinner with no kids lol. Then we went bowling and that was lots of fun. I haven't bowled in a long time besides bowling on the kinect but it was really fun.

After we went and got yogurt at Yodipity and they had a huge event with motorcycles and it was neat to be there. Also Drew Barrymore was also there eating dinner at the restaurant.
When Joshua and I got home we pulled up and my house was Heart attacked with Happy Birthday and it was such a fun surprise and when I went in the house my mom and sister and decorated with birthday stuff and I had a cake and a little party with the fam. My birthday was wonderful and a great treat:). We partied til midnight and it was a great birthday celebration with family.

Surprise when I walked out my front door

Mariyah bought this hat for birthdays

Pedicure Time

Picture with my cute kids

My sister Sara and me

Joshua and I out to dinner at Olive Garden

Having fun!!!

Surprise family party when we got home:)

Thanks for the cake mom and sister
I got Heart Attacked:)

My beautiful sister Sara and me.
Thanks for making all the hearts.

My amazing/beautiful mother.
Thank you for making my birthday the BEST!

I love you Joshua:).
So fun spending the evening together.
It's about 11:30 at night in this picture and yes for some reason Andrew is still awake lol.
Looks like he was waiting for me to get home so he could party.
The kids and my nephew helped me blow out my candles

My brother Spencer and me:)