Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Professional Pictures of the Girls"

I had a good laugh last week when I went to pick up pictures that I had taken of the girls. I went to pick them up from Walgreens and the photo gal said your pictures aren't here and I said they must be because I already paid for them online when I ordered. Then she went through a pile of pictures and said oh are these your pictures and I said yup they are. What happened was when they were printed out they thought they were professional pictures so they were in a different area. They said that I was going to have to prove that I have the copyright for the pictures. I explained to the gal that I took them and that the pictures were from a regular camera etc. She eventually let me take my pictures! What makes me laugh is that my camera isn't even that nice but the girls are really photogenic and they were all smile and posing so what do you they look professional. Either way to me they're adorable pictures:)

I feel bad because I never took Brookie to get her 3 year pictures so that's why there are a lot of individual pictures of her but I think it was really cute how Ry wanted sister pictures too.

I also put together these collages of the girls:)
They didn't scan in that good but they're cute.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day

The girls and I made breakfast in bed for Joshua and then he opened up some gifts that the girls made for him and I bought him. It was a great Father's day and I am thankful for such a wonderful husband who loves his girls so much. They love spending time with their daddy.

The girls picked out this bag for Joshua

Breakfast in bed

Cute picture:)

Mariyah made this "bridge" for Joshua

I laugh at this picture when I see it because Joshua asked Mariyah to get a car so that they could ride over the bridge she made. So of course Joshua is thinking of hot wheels(which we don't own any) but the girls got their girly cars and people out instead. It was cute and funny.

Family picture

Joshua with his Girls

Saturday, June 19, 2010

31st Birthday!!!!

My birthday was on the 17th and what a FUN birthday it was!!! In the morning the girls were so cute because they said they had a carnival set up. They had a chair to spin on and different activites for us to do. I explained to Mariyah that I would love to spin but if I did I would get sick so I didn't spin.

My mom came over and brought me a balloon and a few gifts as well as my friend Lachelle:).

I went out to lunch with my mom and my sisters and my dad watched the girls so that I could enjoy shopping and lunch. When I got home from having fun my house was decorated with Happy birthday signs that my dad and the girls made. It was so sweet and very thoughtful.

That evening was the Lakers/Celtics game which as much as I wanted the suns to win the chmpionship on my birthday we resorted to watching game 7 even though it wasn't the suns. We went Dave n Busters and watched the game/had dinner. Then we had so much fun playing games and feeling like we were kids:).

I had a wonderful birthday!!! Thanks for everyone who made my birthday so amazing. As you might notice in the pictures I am wearing 3 different shirts in the same day. That's because in the morning I had a shirt on then changed it then when I went shopping for a few new maternity clothes I changed into one I had just bought lol.

Thank you Mariyah & Brookie for making my morning so special

My mom came over and brought me a balloon and
a new steering wheel cover:)

My friend Lachelle brought me my "summer survival" gift:).

I know I know I broke my tradition from going to Chevy's and
ate at Sorranto's. It was yummy!!!


Joshua shooting hoops

I won the jackpot. 150 tickets!!!!!!!

More tickets WON!!!

Playing in the fountains at Tempe Market place:)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cover of a Magazine:)

I took the girls to Bass Pro Shop and they had so much fun making a craft:). They also had this gal who was taking pictures so that it looked like your child was on a magazine cover. I love the pictures of the girls. They had fun wearing the vest and feeling like they were really fishing.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sister Pictures

On Sunday I took some pictures of the girls and they were all smiles:)