Friday, October 31, 2008

On Monday night our family went to the pumpkin patch and we had tons of fun. The girls each picked out a pumpkin and we had them paint them when we got home. We also cooked the pumpkin seeds and they were nice and yummy.

On Thursday my friends and I had our play group at the pumpkin patch and the kids all had lots of fun. We even managed to get a picture of all of them together and they turned out cute.

Also on Thurday afternoon Fry's Grocery store had activities for children. I got the girls dressed up in their costumes and they had games, decorated cookies and gave out candy.

Today I helped in Mariyah's class for Halloween. Their class and the other kindergarten classes had a parade through all the classes and they all looked so cute in their costumes. Mariyah was Hannah Montana but of course she didn't want to wear her wig to school and didn't want to wear the adorable jacket so I had her tie it around her waist. Oh ya and they had the kids wear their regular clothes under their costumes so u can see the shirt. Oh well tonight she will be wearing her whole costume even if it's just for a picture!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Saturday Once Upon a Child(it's a store where you sell baby items/clothes)they had the Incredibles their and also had a fun bouncy. The girls had so much fun on the bouncy but Brooklyn was scared and cried when Mariyah was holding her near them. Mariyah kept asking me why Dash was older and not a small child like in the movie. I told her it's because when she 1st started watching Incredibles she was a few years younger and just has she has grown up so had Dash. Sounds good right?
I have a funny story to tell:
So Mariyah kept on telling me that she wanted me to be a mommy for Halloween. I was like I already am a mommy. She said No a mommy and I said Ry what do you mean I already am a mommy and she said no mom it's like when you wrap yourself up...I said oh a MUMMY. She said ya mom a mummy.
Jaime came and visited from Idaho with her little boy and we went to the museum with the girls. We both served in Detroit Michigan but were never companions but served around each other. It was so fun seeing her and meeting her son.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sleep Anywhere
I know I have posted in the past of Mariyah falling asleep in all places of the house. Well it looks like Brooklyn has learned from her sister how to sleep anywhere and these pictures are all in the past few weeks of her sleeping. Yes our girls have their beds to sleep in but sometimes they just like to fall asleep on the floor instead...interesting. Mariyah cracks me up because this past week she fell asleep upside down on the couch. Yes that's her wearing a spongebob shirt. She has all these cute jammies but wanted to wear the shirt that dad bought her when he went to Vegas. Mariyah and Brooklyn take after me because as most of you know me know that I can sleep anywhere:). Yes after I took the picture I put her in bed so that she was comfortable.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First off I must say that I have always been very protective in making sure the gate is ALWAYS up so that Brooklyn doesn't fall down the stairs. She walks up and down the stairs all the time with no help. Well Mariyah went outside to get something and during that few seconds Brooklyn decided to ride her little toy down the cements stairs. Yup...ouch! I heard her screaming and we ran out there and she was bleeding from her nose and she was all banged up. I felt HORRIBLE!!!!! Poor girl:(. Overall she is doing well and I feel bad for her face because it's swollen and she keeps on saying mommy owie on my face hurt. I feel bad because I am sure it hurts and she keeps on telling me and of course at this age of 20 months she wont let me put ice on it or anything. At least over time it will heel and she wont be in as much pain. Thank goodness that she was on her little tryes bike because I feel like that protected her from sustaining a possible head injury. She was eating a banana while I tried to get some pictures of her face,but of course that seemed hard to do for some reason.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mariyah's 5th Birthday Party!!!!!

We had Mariyah's birthday party on Saturday and she had so much fun. We had my sister face paint the kids faces, my brother made balloon animals and swords for the kids(what's funny is most of the girls asked for a sword instead of an animal) and we had pizza, lots of food and a great time. All of my siblings were there and my grandparents as well. Thank you to all the friends who came and celebrated Mariyah's birthday with our family.

Grandma's Surprise Visit From Alaska
One of Mariyah's wishses for her birthday was that her Grandma in Alaska( Joshua's mom) could be here when she turned 5. Colleen called me at 2:00 Tuesday afternoon and said she would be flying into Arizona at 8:30 that evening. She told Joshua all about her coming to Surprise Mariyah, but he forgot to tell me because he figured that his mom and I already talked about her coming so it was a great surprise for me as well. Mariyah was soooo EXCITED and the girls LOVED their grandma so much. It was amazing to see the love they have for her and we are so thankful that Colleen was able to spend a week with us. We went shopping, fed the ducks at the park and she had fun playing with the girls.