Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was wonderful. My kids were so funny because they told Joshua that I really wanted laser tag for Mother's Day:). I woke up and they had made me breakfast and then when I opened up my gifts I got a laser tag set. They were so excited because they wanted it and we have had a great time using them:). I love all the beautiful flowers I got. The girls and Joshua each chose different flowers for me and I loved how they made my house smell so good. I was so happy because I got a beautiful Mother's day necklace that I love and I love being a Mother.

My kids crack me up! I said let's take some pictures and instead they had fun playing:)

Mariyah still wanted to do cart wheels lol.
Yay finally got my picture with my kids:).
My mom with my sister Lindsey and brother Preston and Andrew:).

I love my Mom so much. She is such a blessing in my life and an AMAZING grandma:)
My sister Sara is awesome! I woke up and she made these cute signs for me.
What a fun and sweet SURPRISE:) Thanks so much sis.
Mariyah made me this fun artwork on my envelope....
Inside was a beautiful poem with a butterfly made out of her hands. I love you 
Mariyah and these gifts are so Special as a mom.
When we went to church and I taught Sunday School the kids had drawn this on the board. 
So sweet and thoughtful.

I love how these smell and Joshua chose these for me:)

Mariyah chose the colorful one's and Brookie picked out the roses:).

Brooklyn' Dance Recital

Brooklyn loves to dance and she has had so much fun being in dance. She had her dance recital back in April and I am just now posting them. I have lots more pics on the tablet of her group but haven't uploaded them to my computer. Anyhow she loves to dance and as you can see she also loves to pose. She is all girl and we love our Brookie:).

Monday, May 14, 2012

That Spinning Thing at the Mall
 I took the girls and their friend Mykaela to the mall and they had a great time on That Spinning Thing. My brother Spencer works for the company and the girls had fun spinning around had having fun. Too bad when I went to take a picture of Brooklyn and Mariyah upside down my phone dropped which turned my phone off but oh well at least I got a few pics:).

Girls Played Soccer:) 
The girls usually play soccer for AYSO but this year we signed them up to play with The little Rascals and it was a great experience for them. They learned lots and worked hard. They were on different teams but both practiced the same nights and had games on Saturdays. I love that the soccer games were at a park that way while the girls played soccer Andrew played on the playground. I loved that the soccer season was from February til April so the weather was perfect.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jeeper Fun

Jeeper's is an indoor amusement park and the kids always have so much fun when we go....of course because it's all for kids so why not have fun:). Even Andrew enjoyed some of the rides. Some of the pictures aren't that good of quality because they were spinning fast and I took the photos with my phone.

Bumper Cars

Andrew looks mad in the photo but he really had a great time and he is obsessed
with Basketball and all he wanted to do was play basketball.
Yay I was able to get a photo of my 3 kids but then Brookie turned her head..oh well at least they're all in the same picture. I just had to hurry because I didn't want Andrew to fall even though he was buckled in.
So sweet of Mariyah to take her brother for a ride. He loved how it went up and down
and he loved being with his sister.
My girls seriously love this ride. It's goes forward and backwards and goes so fast yet they
can stay on it over and over and they love it.
I rode on the Safari train ride with Andrew and he loved all the animals and the sounds.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Feeding Ducks & Library
The kids have so much fun feeding the ducks and going to the library. Too bad I usually don't take my kids to the library that often but I really should because they enjoy the play area. It's so nice because we can feed the ducks, they can play on the playground and play in the library:). Brookie was so excited because she got her very first library card and was so excited.

Brookie loves her library card.
Part of the play area
Brookie having fun in the sand. She was making me "lunch".

We went to the library so Mariyah could go and Brooklyn really wanted to roll down the hill. This is the results which was a big mess and we had to throw away her outfit. I know from the looks of her face she looks concerned but she really had fun but she didn't like all the stuff on her outfit. I have it on video and she was all smiles until realizing it was itchy!
I love this photo because it captures all the fun Andrew's having:).

Fun & Cute pics of the Kids
I love this photo because the kids know you can eat on the tile but not the carpet and I saw Mariyah and Andrew siting on the edge lol. Too cute and Andrew will sit on the edge now and eat.
Brooklyn LOVES her baby alive doll from Grandma and Grandpa Hadley. Grandma even made the bed and lots of adorable clothes for her doll. She is so talented and thank you:).
Brooklyn loves her cousin Arianna
Mariyah gave Andrew a new hair style so handsome.