Monday, December 31, 2007

Who's Who....
I was looking back at pictures of when Mariyah was around the same age as Brooklyn and now I know why people are always saying how much alike they are. I love having 2 girls and it is so much fun for Brooklyn to wear some of Mariyah's dresses that she wore.
Let me know if you can tell which one is Mariyah and which is Brooklyn:) probably can but I thought it was fun to see their similarities(is that a word). They even have the same shoes on and bows and bracelets...I am amazed that I really kept all the accessories.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Our family had a fun Christmas and the girls enjoyed opening up gifts and Brooklyn had more fun with the wrapping paper than any of her toys. Here are a few of the pictures we took. One thing that Mariyah really wanted for Christmas was the Operation Spongebob game and Santa brought it for her and Brooklyn was so exicted to get a her own cell phone:)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Phoenix Children's Hospital
"The True Meaning of Christmas"
For the past few years our Family has adopted a family from the Phoenix Children's Hospital. The family that we bought gifts for had a baby who was born premmature and her family didn't have anything for Christmas. Maria also has many complictions and has spent her 6 months of life in the hospital. We were able to talk with the mom and buy toys for the children. It has been such a neat experience for our family and espeically for Mariyah to go to the store and pick out toys for the children and be a part of the amazing experience. This family has 3 children and unfortunently we weren't able to meet the siblings or the baby this year due to RSV going around the hospital. They won't even allow siblings go through the doors to see the babies. We were able to meet the mom and the feeling in the room when we met her was priceless and made me so grateful for the blessing of serving others and the feeling you get is more than words could ever express. May you all have a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

Ry had so much fun loading up the wagon and off we were to enter the hospital

Daddy with the girls and Mariyah siting in a wheel chair from the hospital

Mom and the girls

The Girls having lots of fun waiting by the Christmas tree to give the gifts and Mariyah is peeking through to see if she can see the mom coming to see us

Brooklyn is like...who are these crazy looking characters with such big ears:)

We were not able to see the baby because of RSV, but we were able to put a smile on the mom's face when we were able to present her with the gifts and hopefully the children will feel like "santa" came this year. We didn't put our names on the presents so that Santa could be a part of their Christmas

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi Family & Friends,
We wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family. We have sent out 100 Christmas cards, but if we missed you we are sorry, but wanted you to see our Christmas picture this year. Enjoy the Holidays and we are thankful that we can keep in touch with our blogging friends:) I scanned in our card so please excuse the white around the picture.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa "Grandpa"
My Grandpa was Santa this past weekend at a school and I brought my newphew and girls to see santa. I didn't tell Mariyah that her Great Grandpa was going to be Santa, but shortly after we got there she figured it out. As you can tell by Brooklyn crying, she was extremely frightened of Santa. She is an extremely happy baby and I have never seen her so scared before. Mariyah kept saying, it's ok Brooklyn Santa is just Great Grandpa so you don't need to be scared. It was really cute. Santa was my mom's dad and my mom is with her "Santa" dad.

Friday, November 30, 2007

The girls and I went to the park to feed the ducks and instead fed most of the bread to the geese. Ok we were seriously surrounded by the geese and the only way we were able to get away was by walking backwards and feeding them. Finally we got far away from the lake and they let us go. One of them even bit Mariyah's finger, but she didn't seem to mind to much.

Brooklyn just about fell in the water, but thank goodness she didn't.I mean it would be my fault since I wanted to get a cute picture of the girls together.

This picture makes me laugh because it looks to me like the goose and Brooklyn are having a stare down contest.

Mariyah thought the geese were really fun until they decided that they wanted to chase her and then she wasn't too sure about them.

Brooklyn LOVED the swings and didn't want to get off.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Aboard The Polar Express Train....Here we come to the North Pole!

Check out our pictures of our Polar Express/North Pole Experience. When we first got on the polar express they gave up Cookies and Hot chocolate. All the kids were dressed in their jammies and all comfy for the ride to see santa at the North Pole. Although there wasn't any snow Santa was still there:) I took a ton of pictures and although it might look like I posted them all, not true...just the slide show was the best way to do it. The North Pole is about 40 minutes from Flagstaff and we were so exicted to stay with Melissa, Heston, and Dani.

I wanted to say Thank you to Melissa and Heston for the fun sleepover we had at their home in Flagstaff. We enjoyed staying at their beautiful home. We had a great time staying up late chatting. For those of you who know us well we didn't have a hard time staying up late or chatting:) We were up late making bracelets and baby socks. It brought back great memories of when we were roommates in college and all the crazy late nights we had. Just this time we now have kids and a husband:) Our girls got along great and had fun playing together. Thank you for the great breakfast in the morning and for the wonderful friendship we have had these past years. I hope I didn't put you into labor too early...actually I don't think you would mind the baby coming now!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Girls will be Girls

I was having fun taking pictures of the girls and then Mariyah wanted to go outside and play and they were having fun outside. I realized that Brooklyn had a rock in her mouth and she was getting a bit dirty. At first I was like...don't get dirty because you are in your new clothes but then I realized that they are kids and that boys play in the dirt and it's ok. Luckily it was towards the end of the day and the girls had fun and mom too.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Hadleyoween!
We had a fun Halloween trick or treating. Mariyah got lots of candy and she had fun going out with her Cousin Carter and Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn's kitty tail. Ry's friend Alexandra came over and the girls were both Cinderella:) As you can probably tell from Brooklyn's costume she did have a sucker and was enjoying the candy wrappers. Mariyah also handed candy out at my parents house.