Monday, March 23, 2009

Joshua & I just got back from the Suns game and it was incredible! I have been a suns fan for many years now and have never sat as close as we did tonight. We sat in row 14 and it was the BEST!!! We really felt like we were apart of the game being so close. We also had access VIP to the Lexus Club which was so amazing. Joshua's friend gave us the tickets:). We rode the light rail for the first time and seriously it's the best way to travel to the game. The game was a nail biter to the last second and I swear I about peed my pants and just about lost my voice. Find out if the suns won or lost by looking at my last picture:):):):):):).

Getting Ready to go on the Light Rail

View from the Light Rail Ride

Outside the Us Airways Arena

Warming Up before the game

It was the Suns Gorilla's Birthday!!!!
This is the view we had from our seats:) Pretty Sweet.


Joshua supporting the suns color orange and the lexus:)
GOOOOO SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break Fun!!

Mariyah had spring break this week and the girls and I did something fun everyday:). Even though it was spring break we pretty much do something fun everyday. My camera broke and I am so sad because I am obsessed with taking pictures:(. So when we went to the zoo on Monday I didn't have a camera....waahh....we went to the camera, Wednesday we went camera , Thursday we went to the park and the only day I had a camera was on Friday when we went to Makutu's Island. I borrowed my grandparents camera because we have gone to the other's places many times but haven't been to Makutu's Island for a long time so I wanted to take pictures.

Mariyah was all over the place and she was having a blast crawling through the tree house, going down the slide and meeting lots of new friends. Brooklyn had fun too but after a while she was tired but once she ate lunch she was ready to play again. I was all over the place crawling around with the girls and my friends were there with their girls too. We had our playgroup at Makutu's Island and if you haven't gone and you live in Arizona you should take your kids.

Fun Slide...I even went down it

Can you see Brooklyn:)

Ry loved going across the bridge

Ry was all over having fun in the tree house

Brookie wasn't too sure about the elephant. It was really dark in here but the flash brightened the picture up.

Crawling around the tree house

Fun play area

Dancing around

Cute girls

How fun!!

Seriously this place is so fun!

They even have beautiful fish

Controlling Space?

Brooklyn's friends Ellie & Elaya. We attempted to get a picture of the girls
but it loooks like Ellie was the only one smiling:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Field Day
Mariyah had field day with her class this past week and she loved it. It brought back great memories of when I was in Elementary School and the parachute and all the fun activities. Here is Mariyah, her class and some of her friends from class. What was sweet is that Brooklyn was able to participate in some of the activities and that was fun too. Mariyah was so excited because they said if you have a hat you can wear it to school for field day so she wore one of my hats.

Hoola Hoop Fun

Frisbee Time

Brookie loved the Frisbee

Look at Ry pull the rope..Her side won:)

Ball Time

Mariyah loved the Rope

Brookie loved the Rope too

Kicking the Ball and keeping it in the middle

Do you remember these?

The Parachute was by far my favorite and most the kids as well.

This game cracked me up because the kids had to balance the water on the spoon and then walk across to put it in the cup...most the kids lost their water before they got to the cup:). Mariyah did really well though.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Beautiful Sister Lindsey
My sister Lindsey is so beautiful and she had the wonderful opportunity of modeling a prom dress. She is a Junior in High School and she was in a fashion show to model MODEST prom dresses. First a guy brought her out on the run way and she modeled the dress and after each girl had modeled their dresses they each came out on the run way. All the dresses were beautiful but of courses I LOVED my sisters the best:). My sister in law Tami works at Arizona Bridal and they have a fashion show each year for high school students and their families. Here is my beautiful sister in her gorgeous prom dress.

Click on this picture to see the details of the dress

Our Grandma and Grandpa:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jeepers Jeepers
This is an indoor fun place for kids. The girls had so much fun riding the merry go round, the train, the airplane ride and the huge play area. Mariyah LOVED going on the roller coaster and Brooklyn loved the Monkey barrel. They have this awesome slide that you can see in the picture of the girls. It's a really fun place and what's nice is now that it's getting warmer outdoors it's a great place to play indoors. What cracked me up was that they have a monkey on the back of the train and it looks a like it needs a bra....sorry but really was it necessary to put this monkey on the back of a train ride for kids...look at the picture and you decide.