Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why not have fun putting a Qtip in your sister's ear:)

The girls were playing and when I came into the room I realized that they were laughing and couldn't figure out why. Then I looked and saw something sticking out of their ears. They each had a q-tip in their ears!! I got a great laugh out of it. After taking a pic of them with the q-tip I took a few more fun sister pics. We are so thankful that we are blessed with such beautiful girls that really bring so much joy and adventure in our lives everyday.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I might be crazy....but this is bizzare!!!
So a few weeks ago we went to the zoo(as posted below) and we lost Brooklyn's pink shoe. Of course I was sad, but I was like oh well I guess we will just have to buy her a new pair. Then the other day my friend and I went to the zoo and I thought I would ask the lost and found if they found her pink shoe.
I had to describe her I told the lady that it was pink, a SIZE 6 (this is where it gets bizzarre) and velcro on the top with a strap. She comes back with a size 6 shoe, velcro on the top with a strap and it was Brooklyn's sandal. I was like YEAH since I haven't bought her a new pair yet. The only thing that was bizzare is that the pink sandal had faded, but I just thought it was because it had sat in the sun for a few weeks until someone turned the sandal in. To make a long story short I get home and Brooklyn is seriously excited that she has her shoes back and then it happened....they both fit the same foot....yeah thats right the shoe that I was given wasn't her shoe, someone else had lost the same shoe, same size...I mean really what are the fippin chances of that. Even the same color(although not really since I did think the sun changed the color. I mean the same size!!!! Come on and very crazy. Now I feel like I need to go to the zoo and take it back. Then again maybe that mom was looking for her daughters shoe and they gave her mine:) I may never know...ahhh

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We went to the Phoenix zoo and had tons of fun!! I didn't realize that they had a splash park so the girls got wet in their clothes. Since it was so flippin hot outside they dried up quickly. Oh the joys of livng in AZ:) What's funny to me is that Mariyah got blue snow cone all over her outfit and once she started to play in the water it washed out(no need for bleach) and if you look at the picture of her on the bee standing up the blue is no longer on her shirt. We had a wonderful time and the girls enjoyed playing on all the fun toys they have their too. Brooklyn was so cute because everytime we would see an animal she would tell us a "story" about each animal. She would usually call the animals Puppy Dog since she loves to say that word.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day was Great!!!
I had a wonderful Mother's day and woke up with Breakfast in bed from Joshua and the girls:) Then when I came out to the front room I looked at the window and their were beautiful curtains and a chrome valance and in the girls room their was also purple curtains and it was soooo sweet. Mariyah and Joshua went shopping and that is what they bought me for Mother's day. Ry was so cute because on Saturday night she kept on telling me that she wanted me to go to bed...and now I know that they could put up curtains:)
I am very thankful for my mom and thankful that my Grandma(my mom's mom) lives in Arizona as well. It was so wonderful to get together and to enjoy a wonderful day together as mom's. The picture of the girls and I was taken with my brother's camera and I had to scan it into my computer so sorry for the poor quality.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Helping Hand!!!
Lately Mariyah has been really sweet to her sister and when we leave the house Brooklyn always wants to hold her sisters hand. Of course their are those moments where Mariyah doesn't want to hold her hand, but lately she has and it is so precious. These are a few pictures I took as we were heading to church.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blogger for a year!
I realized that I have been blogging for a year now and love it! As most of you have probably noticed I like to change my blog backround and header often. So here some of the scrapbook headers that I have posted in the past year. You can click on the scrap pages to enlarge them.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oregano Spice
What spice are don't think I mean the spice girls:)
I got this from my friend's blog and thought it was pretty sweet. Click on the link "what spice are you" and they will ask you 5 questions. I answered the questions and they matched me up with being oregano and I think it suites me...I like how is says I love to party for those of you who know me know that I love to party:) and love my friends too.

You Are Oregano

You have a charming, funny, witty, and smart personality.

You love to party - and people love to party with you.

You are always friendly and warm. You are able to help people get along.