Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mariyah sleeping?
First off I wanted to say thank you to each of you who called our family, stopped by and all the prayers for Joshua. He is doing much better and his face is healing from the fall.
Ok so as you know I can seriously sleep anywhere and can sleep like a log(as Melissa puts it). I thought once Ry went to school she would totally be tired and possibly relax or take a nap....ya right. Well yesterday I went into her room and was like Mariyah what are you looking at on the floor. When she didn't respond I realized that she fell asleep. I mean this is a miracle because no joke that Mariyah can go and go like the energizer bunny and never stop until she goes to bed late and wakes up early. Anyhow it made me laugh the way she fell asleep on the recliner. Plus if you look closely you can see how far she bent her wrist back to support her head. I moved her hand from supporting her head because I felt bad and then she still kept on sleeping.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

911 Call
I have never experienced what I experienced this evening. It is 2:45 in the morning and I am trying to stay awake the whole night so that is why I am blogging. My husband wasn't feeling really well early in the day and he had a head cold and a few other symptoms so he took Day Quill and it helped a little. Then around 9:00 tonight he was still in lots of pain and so he took hydrocodone which was in liquid form. On the bottle it says to take 3 teaspoon fulls every 4 hours as needed. He accidentally took 3 table spoons 6 times in one setting. It was dark when he took it and when he grabbed the teaspoon/tablespoons(which are black) he thought he had taken the right amount and thought he had the 1/2 teaspoon and that is why he accidently took too much. Right after he took it he blacked out on the kitchen floor and then went and laid on the bed. I didn't realize he had blacked out, but thank goodness he was we thought. The only reason why I even realized he had taken too much is when I went to put the tablespoons in the dishwasher I said oh my gosh Joshua which spoon full did you take! I then realized which one it was and that's when I was worried. He was concerend and started drinking lots of water hoping to wash the fluids out. During this time we were watching the Olympics, the girls were in bed, and I eventually fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 1:00am and Joshua was up. I was getting ready to go to sleep on the bed and didn't feel that I should so I stayed up and Joshua said could you call the poison control to make sure I will be fine and so I did. Well during this time when I was on the phone at 1:20 Joshua went to the bathroom( I didn't know where he was) and the lady on the phone was asking me questions. Then all of a sudden I heard a huge thump and YELLED Joshua where are you and when I went running into the bathroom I saw him flat on his face with blood coming out of his mouth, nose and he was very pale and I screamed and told the lady on the phone I have to call 911 help me please so I grabbed my other cell phone and called 911(as I had the poison control lady calling 911 as well) and talked to the operator explained what happened as she was trying to calm me down. Joshua wasn't alert at the time but when I screamed he woke up, and did get up and then fell to the family room floor. The 911 operator said don't let him move, don't have him grab his nose...etc. The 1st to arrive was the police officer and he asked lots of questions, and then the paramedics/fire dept. arrived and took all Joshua's vital signs and he was extremely pale. After evaluating him they said that they could take him to the hospital and be monitored throughout the night or I could stay up and monitor him. The reason being that his color did start coming back as they were here and overall his vital signs were good. The fire dept guy called the poison control and did speak with ER doctor and explained what was going on. The paramedic did say that everyone's body reacts differently when you take too much medication and now we know what happens:(. It was very emotional for me to see my husband lying on the bathroom floor with blood coming out of his nose and mouth. It looks like what happened is he was going to the bathroom when he passed out and fell onto the floor and hit his head and nose somewhere in the bathroom as he fell. The side of his face is swollen/bruised, his nose is cut and his lip is cut from when he fell. I will NEVER forget the sight I saw tonight and count my blessings that I was awake and alert when all of this happened. I know that we were being watched over and our family was comforted during this time. I love my husband and pray that he will continue to get well and that we wont experience what we did this early morning. We both feel extremely blessed to have each other and are thankful that he was watched over and protected through this time. For those of you who know me know that I don't wake up for anything and so that is why I feel very grateful and blessed that I was alert and had woken up to be here for my husband.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

University of Phoenix Stadium & Pizza!
On Saturday we went to an event at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. Cici's pizza was giving out free pizza, drinks and had fun bouncers for kids to play on. The girls had a blast and we had a great time with our family. The Cardinals mascot was their and the Phoenix Coyotes. Since we were already out in Glendale we went to Cabelas(fishing, and outdoor equipment store) and the girls had so much fun checking out all the boats, seeing the fish and enjoyed trying on the fur hats. Also on the 1st day of school my grandma took us out to lunch and we also went shopping and here is a picture of my grandma and Mariyah:). I love my grandma and she is my mom's mom and she is seriously amazing and the best grandma!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dang those Mosquitoes!!!!!!
Look what this mosquito did to Brooklyn! Whenever Brooklyn gets bit by a mosquito she swells up and it is really sad how much it affects her body. On Sunday night we were at my parents house and the kids were in the backyard playing. Later on that evening I looked at her and noticed she had a mosquito bite on her face above her. Well the next morning this is what her eye looked like! I was like oh my gosh is she ok! I called the doctor and he said to give her benadryl and put cream on the bite. They said that if the swelling didn't go down with in 24hrs to bring her in. Thank goodness it all worked out and her eye is looking better already. She was totally herself the whole time and on occasion would point to her eye and say eye owie and that was it. Brooklyn is such a sweet girl.

Monday, August 11, 2008

1st day of Kindergarten!!!

Mariyah started her 1st day of kindergarten. She goes to school Monday-Friday half day. Since her birthday is in Oct shes misses the cut off date of going to all day kindergarten, but they have an amazing kindergarten program for children who don't turn 5 by August 31 and Mariyah was on the waiting list and got in. She was so excited getting ready for school this morning and everything well really well getting her to school. We laid out her clothes last night and I was so happy that she was excited to wear her new gymbore outfit. We have had too much fun buying her new clothes:). My mom works at an elementary school and she was able to come by our place as we were leaving so that we could get a pic of her and Mariyah as we were leaving to school.
When we got to school their was a long line of parents and children waiting for the teachers to come and call the kids names. That way we weren't all piled in the classroom. Mariyah and other kids played on the playground for about 5 min before her teacher came out and off went Mariyah. I am amazed but I was able to hold back my tears. Mariyah had a few tears but I gave her a hug and said I love you and then her teacher said hi Mariyah and she took her into the classroom.
Are any of your kids all about Hannah Montana this year? Mariyah was all about finding the perfect Hannah Montana backpack(yes we did go to 3 stores to find the right one and Kohls was the place), Hannah Montana pencils, erasers, and folder. It's just amazing to me at what young age children are already into all these super stars....I think it must be because of the Disney Channel or maybe because every store we go into there they are. What happened to my little girl wanting the princess characters on her folder and backpack. The pic that cracks me up is the one of Ry and her backpack. She said mom let me turn around so that you can get a picture of my backpack on me.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

So I know most of you who live in Arizona probably have an opinion about these photo radars...well so do I. For the most part I think they are great for people who are going extremely over the speed limit, but I got a stupid camera ticket in the mail today...ahhhh!!! The reason why I am so annoyed is because I am not a speeder and the only reason why I was even on the road is because the 101 was closed and had a detour and so I took this road. Here are the "stupid" pic that the camera took....oh yes and by the way we were on our way to Big Surf and so that is why I am in my swim suit. I guess the reason why I am so frustrated is because I thought the speed limit was 45 and I was going 47. Well I guess the speed limit was 35 and I was going 47. When I was driving I knew I got flashed, looked at my speed and thought crap I just got a camera ticket! Then thought oh well I am going to have a great time at Big surf and figured it would come in the mail and it sure did. Oh ya and by the way if you would like to watch the video of me driving here is the code info too.
Go to Citation # tf095362 plate #272wrd city:tmpaz
Oh ya and on the video you can actually see the camera take my pic and I swear I am going with the speed of traffic but don't see anyone else getting their pic taken.
Also the ticket is $175 but since I have only had 1 ticket in my life and that was 10 years ago I am going to go to traffic school so that they can teach me not to speed!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Arizona Olympic Gymnastics
So the girls and I met a friend and her daughter at this amazing gymnastics place!!! It was a blast and Mariyah and Brooklyn LOVED every minute of it. On friday mornings they have open gym which means you pay and your kids can play on all the gymnastic mats, balance beam,bars,trampolines and so much more! I was amazed at what a dare devil Brooklyn was. She was all over the place and had no fear jumping all over and Mariyah loved hanging from the uneven bars. During the week they have kids take classes that someday plan on making it to the olympics and I thought it was pretty neat since tonight is the opening of the olympics and the girls and I had our own gymnastic experience today:) No medals involved but lots of great memories and tons of fun.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My dad's work had a party at big surf and it was so much fun!!! The girls loved the water and Joshua and I went down the fast water slides and overall it was a great day. My mom, sister and me had fun racing down the water slides and the wave pool was tons of fun too. Big surf doesn't allow you to bring your own floaties but what was nice is that they did supply a life jacket for Brooklyn which was really nice when were in the wave pool. She has no fear and was all excited every time the waves came.