Monday, June 22, 2009

Swim lessons-Fun in the sun swimming

The girls and I signed up for swim lessons and they loved them!! Mariyah loves to swim and I am amazed at all the skills she has been learning in her swim class. She loves to jump off the diving board at the city pool.
Brooklyn loves her swim lessons with mom. She loves to splash around and sing the water songs like B is for bubbles and then she blows bubbles and her favorite is the wheels on the bus go splash splash splash and she loves the water. This last session of swim lessons was the best because my friend and I did the lessons together. Her daughter and Brooklyn have been friends since they were babies and they love hanging out. Lachelle and I decided that the girls made their own swim class because when the instructor would be teaching a new skill our girls wanted to jump off the side of the pool or try to run/swim around instead:).
We also have had some fun days in the sun at my parents house with the kiddie pool that the girls love and also at my friends house.

Mariyah & Brooklyn's Swim class

On the last day of swim lessons they gave the kids a Ring pop for being so great in class

Mariyah's best friend Kaylee

We were in the mommy and me class:)

Swimming at my friends house

Ellie & Brooklyn are hilarious!!! They were playing out in the pool and then they decided to go in the house to "watch" a movie. I went to go check on them and this is where I found them. They were on the counter and Brooklyn was filling up a cup and they were having fun. These pictures crack me up:). Ellie and Brookie really are the best of friends.

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's with cousin Carter

This picture cracks me up of Ry & Carter falling out of the pool

This is what Brooklyn's hair looks like when she's swimming.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Mother's Birthday
Today is my mom's birthday!!! What's so neat is that I was born on Father's Day June 17th and my mom was born on Father's Day June 20th.
All my siblings and the family went to Red Robin and we had a great time there and my mom opened up some of her presents. We went to the Red Robin at Tempe Market place and we also went and saw a movie and the kids enjoyed running around and splashing in the water.
This evening my dad surprised my mom by taking her to see a play and when they got back at 10 we had a surprise for her. I decorated their house with birthday decorations and made a cake and we all sang Happy Birthday and had cake n ice cream.
I love you mom!!!!

Happy 4?th Birthday Mom:) My mom really is in her 40's:).

Mom & Dad

My mom's favorite color is pink so her party was pretty in pink!!!!

Siblings with parents. My sister and Carter were at Red Robin
but didm't stay for the movie so they aren't in the picture.

Having fun at Tempe Market Place before the movie started

Our Family


Brooklyn having fun in the water

Beautiful Mariyah

Girls having fun with Grandpa

Grandma with her Mariyah & Brooklyn

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Am I really 30!!!!

Today at 3:30 p.m I will officially be 30:). After looking back at when I was 18 and people would say ya I'm turning 30 I would think wow your old. Well now that I am 30 I am thinking wow 30 really isn't old at all. I have so many years ahead of me and I am still young at heart.
I love to do everything I did when I was in my 20's hahaha. I love life and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful daughters.
I am thankful for such amazing parents and siblings. I was looking back at pictures when I was little and scanned a few in for the blog. I am sure I will have many more pictures to post by the end of the birthday day:).
This morning I had breakfast in bed with a fruit tray and doughnuts. Very healthy combination:). Calories don't count on your birthday right? Joshua had went to the store this morning before I was up and bought me gorgeous white Roses. I also got new Nike shoes ( I will post pictures of them later) and I got a new blackberry pink pearl phone and so far it's been a wonderful Happy 30th Birthday and it's only 9:00 am.
We are going shopping today and out to lunch and thank you for all of you who have wished me a happy birthday from texting and emailing. I am so grateful for such amazing friends:).

Amy Lyn Born in California June 17th 1979 on Father's Day

My 1st birthday was celebrated at Chuck E Cheese

My mom and me on my 2nd birthday

Mom & me

At the Zoo in California

I love this picture of me and my sister Sara.


I am 2 in this picture.
Looking at this picture reminds me of where Brooklyn got her hair from.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Toothpaste all over

Brooklyn loves to brush her teeth and she picked out her princess toothbrush and Mariyah picked out her toothbrush. They also picked out their own toothpaste they way they didn't have to share. This is according to Mariyah because she doesn't always like to share if her sister touches her toothpaste she says she can't use it anymore.

Last night Brooklyn was brushing her teeth and she was done so we put the toothpaste and toothbrush away. Then when I went back in the bathroom I found this!!! Brooklyn had gone back in the bathroom and when I went to see what she was doing she said look mom I used sister's toothpaste and put it on her toothbrush. It looks like Brooklyn used her toothpaste as well but didn't "decorate" her toothbrush. I quickly cleaned it up and thank goodness Mariyah never found out or she may not want to use her toothpaste/toothbrush again. I had a good laugh and thought it was funny what she did and the best part is that it cleaned up easily.

Brooklyn is a sneaky 2 year old:). She is so cute and we love her so much even if she does decorate the bathroom with toothpaste:0.

How can you resist getting upset over a cute face:).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wagon time with Grandma

My parents have a radio flyer wagon that they have had for many years(you can tell from the rust) and the girls love it. My mom took them on a walk with the weather being so nice outside at night which is incredible for June. They had a great time and the girls loved the wagon and spending time with grandma.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wouldn't you be smiling 2!!!

It was my sister Lindsey's birthday and Brooklyn was all about the chocolate cupcakes and I love it because her smile and shirt says it all:)....actually I don't like chocolate but I am sure the rest of you do:).

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mariyah' Poem

Ry's last day of school was a few weeks ago but since I haven't blogged in a few weeks here are the pictures:). Mrs. Hernandez is an incredible teacher and she has taught for over 30 years and Mariyah's class was the last one she would ever teach:(. My brother's and sister's had Mrs. Hernandez for kindergarten and we are so thankful that Mariyah had her for school.

Each student in Mariyah's class was to memorize a poem for the poetry fair. Mariyah chose to memorize Bingo and her prob was a dog and she did a great job. It was so cute to hear all the fun poems. What was so neat is that all the parents showed up to support their child which I thought was so neat and after wards we went into their classroom and had lemonade and cookies.

The parents each gave money towards the gift for her teacher. We had the kids each write their name on the same paper and then made it into a plate. We also had each student do a scrapbook page and then put it into a scrapbook. Her teacher loved it so much.

Overall this school year has been incredible. Mariyah has learned so much and she will go to all day kindergarten in August. This year she was in the pre-kindergarten...aka....early learning kindergarten. Basically it was kindergarten but since the kids birthday's were after the schoool cut off date of being 5 by August 31st Mariyah wasn't able to go to kindergarten. She is reading and has learned so much it's amazing. She only missed 2 days of school and was NEVER tardy. I think that's do to me being OCD about being late. Most of you know me and I am not one for being late anywhere. She was really sick those 2 days but besides that she was there.

Now onto summer with swim lesssons, going to the musuem and doing lots of fun activities to keep up cool in the summer. Happy Summer Time!!!!!

She was really excited that I was in her class but didn't want to show it for the picture.

Isn't this too cute. These are Mariyah's Hand prints throughout the school year. She brought it home and I love looking at it.

Brooklyn is so proud of her sister that she's giving her a big hug.

Brookie enjoying Ry's school

Mariyah siting at her table

This picture cracks me up because look who's trying to say a poem at the mic:)

Mariyah getting ready to say her poem

A few of Mariyah's friends in class