Thursday, February 26, 2009

Powder Mess
Brooklyn loves powder and she finally got a hold of a brand powder and this is what I saw when I found her in the bathroom. Instead of getting upset I had a good laugh, grabbed the camera and then cleaned up. It was ALL over the bathroom and her! I had just given her a bath and was going to get her pajamas when she got a hold of the powder. So she got 2 baths in one night:).

Getting ready to take her 2nd Bath to wash all the powder off.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine Fun!
I know Valentines day was a week ago but I am just now getting around to posting them:). On Feb. 12th Fry's had a fun event for kids. They had cookie decorating, card making and games at the store. The girls had lots of fun and the best part was that it was all free:). Of course the grocery shopping wasn't but they did have lots of great deals that day.
On Valentine's morning we took the girls to the Museum because they were having cookie decorating, face painting and fun projects for the girls. They even had a drawing and I won an apron. The girls loved playing in the kitchen with dad and Mariyah put on a puppet show for us.
They even gave the girls flowers for Valentine's Day.
That evening we had a wonderful dinner and Joshua planned the whole evening and he kept it a surprise from me. I thought we were going out to a restaurant but Joshua said we were going to go to my grandparents to get something and when I walked in their house was all decorated Valentine's and my parents, grandparents and us had a wonderful meal and me, my mom and grandma each got roses and it was such a wonderful surprise. It was a total surprise because he had told me earlier in the day that he was helping my dad but Joshua actually went to my grandparents to set up for the evening and got the roses, the candles and the food. It was very thoughtful and so wonderful. He had been planning this for a few weeks and it was a fun evening.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Historic Moment...
Ok so I didn't think I would be so into Obama coming to AZ since I didn't vote for him but then I came to the reality that he is the President of the United States so why not enjoy it since he's in Mesa Arizona. My brother Spencer, Brooklyn, Mariyah and me had such a fun time this morning. We saw the Secret Service agents, tons of cops, people all over the place, and the best part was seeing the motor cade of cars and Obama in the vehicle. They had such tight security and they had the helicopter fly over first to make sure everything was clear and then about 10 min later the motor cade drove by. So here are a few of the pics:). I think it was so neat since he spoke at Dobson High where I graduated from and it was a great experience for Mariyah since she is old enough to understand and learn about Presidents.

Hmmm I wonder which car Obama is in?

This picture is amazing because if you look closely you can see the secret service agent in the back of the car just in case anyone gets out of hand.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Did you hear....
That Barack Obama is going to be speaking at Dobson High School in Mesa Arizona where I graduated from? My sister Lindsey goes there and she will be in class on Wed when he arrives. Now most of you know I am not all about politics but I thought this was really neat. Out of all the schools they chose Dobson!!!! No I didn't vote for Obama but Mariyah is so excited that Obama is our President so we went at 10:30 at night to see if we could get tickets! Um ya lets just say the line was EXTREMELY long and it was way to cold to stand outside because they're only giving 300-400 tickets out starting in the morning at 7:00. It also looked like over 400 people were already standing in line. It was a fun experience for Mariyah and mom to drive to the school and see the line, the news and the tents, the coolers and the people standing in line all night. Mariyah said mom I forgot my bed to sleep outside and my pillow and blanket. I had a good laugh. We headed home but it was a fun experience:).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When mom get her hair done....
I got my hair done and I love it!!! While I was getting my hair done Joshua took the girls to hang out and I thought they were going to the mall:). When I got home the girls were so excited about their fun experience with dad. I said oh the mall and Mariyah said No mom Bass Pro Shop. I had a good laugh and then the girls showed me their hats that they picked out. I think it's so sweet that Joshua took the the girls to bass pro shop. They love seeing all the boats, animals, fish and all the fun stuff! I have decided that they LOVE their hats more than all the toys they have. It's because dad bought the hats and I buy all the toys:).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Phoenix Children's Museum!
Ok so the Phoenix Museum was so much fun. We went with Kim Anselmo and her girls. The girls had so much fun playing together and the museum is 3 stories so their was lots to do. They had a craft area, painting, making bracelets, fun toys, bikes, and the cutiest was the amazing car washer. The girls would ride their bikes through the "play Car wash" and it really looked real. They had race cars and an ice cream area. Overall it was an amazing experience.
At home sometimes I let Brooklyn use scissors to cut paper( WITH EXTREME ADULT SUPERVISION) and at the Museum she got a hold of scissors and cut her shirt! I was like oh no she just cut her shirt because at home she ONLY cuts paper but for some reason she decided to cut her shirt...extra special times with kids:).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mariyah's Professional Pictures

When I went to the studio to take Brooklyn's 2nd year pics they also took Mariyah's pictures as well. Every year the girls have a birthday I always get a picture of them with the # of their age . Although Mariyah's birthday was in Oct I didn't take her to get her pics so when we went in Jan they did them. Also the pictures of the girls in their brown and pink outfits on the title of our blog are also pictures that were taken the same day. Mariyah was all smiles and she was such a trooper and loves getting her picture taken.