Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Reptile Show

Last night I took the girls and my nephew to go and look at snakes, frogs, turachalas and scorpions. They had a guy who explained all about the reptiles and he would come around and show the kids the snakes ect... Everytime he came around Brooklyn would touch the snake and she loved the snake and she also wanted to hold the frog but she couldn't because it would hop away.
Mariyah wasn't too sure about the snake but eventually touched it and Carter did too.
So at the end of the show the guy said who ever wants to hold the snake stand it line and who was in line 1st Brooklyn!!! Seriously I didn' realize how much she loved snakes. Carter and Mariyah decided to hold the snake together.
We had a fun time and the best part was that the kids had fun and it was a great experience for them.

Before the show started the kids were able to take a look at all the snakes etc.

Brookie checking out the snake

King Snake

Real Scorpion


Brooklyn LOVED the frog and wanted to hold it

The kids like feeling the little snake

This is an albino snake

Cousins Together

Ahhh a snake!!

Cute pic

Brooklyn loved the snake and didn't mind holding the snake.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mariyah's 1st Soccer Game

Mariyah had her 1st game on Saturday at 12:30pm and they WON!!! Yes it was nice and hot outside (105degrees) and she did great. She is still getting used to soccer but overall she is enjoying it:). Her team is The Bumble Bee's. I made hair ties to match the girls uniforms for the 5 girls on her team and all the girls and their mom's loved them.

My parents and my sister Lindsey came and cheered Mariyah and her team on!!! I took all the pictures and didn't even get a picture of me and Mariyah on her 1st soccer game:( or a picture of my mom and her together. Soccer games go until December so I am sure there will be more picture taking:).

Mariyah is excited and ready to go

Go Bumble Bee's. I love this picture because you can see
the girls ponytail with their cute ribbon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

The morning started off great for our family. We were so excited to get lots of rain on Saturday that the girls got in their swim suits and they played in the rain. I am sure for many of you that were heading to the lake it wasn't really fun that it was raining but for us it was fun.
So we decided to walk towards the main road so that cars would come by and splash water. Well this huge truck came and seriously the water so high and I was able to capture it on my camera as I got completely soaked as well.
On Monday for Labor Day we went to the movies, the mall and had a fun barbecue at my parents house. Overall it was wonderful weekend.
Also with it being September 11th as I am posting this I can remember this day 8 years ago. I was serving my mission in Michigan and I can remember how shocked everyone was with what happened. My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones and for all of us to remember this day.

Cute girls having fun in the rain

Brooklyn was looking for the Ninja Turtles in here:)

Look how much water the truck splashed onto us and the girls.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Girls night til 2:30 am

I must say this was the BEST girls night out. I had so much fun laughing and had fun chatting with my girlfriends. We had a jammies party at my friend house and I loved all the fun we had.

We loved being CRAZY and I felt like a cheerleader & we even looked like we were in the movie High School Musical!

The pictures show the fun we had and thanks girls for a fun night even early into the next morning:) By the time I got home it was 3:00am

My friend Jodee is so talented! This picture looks incredible and I love all the lighting.

My fun friend Kim and me in our Jammies:)