Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Phoenix Children's Hospital
"The True Meaning of Christmas"
For the past few years our Family has adopted a family from the Phoenix Children's Hospital. The family that we bought gifts for had a baby who was born premmature and her family didn't have anything for Christmas. Maria also has many complictions and has spent her 6 months of life in the hospital. We were able to talk with the mom and buy toys for the children. It has been such a neat experience for our family and espeically for Mariyah to go to the store and pick out toys for the children and be a part of the amazing experience. This family has 3 children and unfortunently we weren't able to meet the siblings or the baby this year due to RSV going around the hospital. They won't even allow siblings go through the doors to see the babies. We were able to meet the mom and the feeling in the room when we met her was priceless and made me so grateful for the blessing of serving others and the feeling you get is more than words could ever express. May you all have a wonderful Christmas time with your family.

Ry had so much fun loading up the wagon and off we were to enter the hospital

Daddy with the girls and Mariyah siting in a wheel chair from the hospital

Mom and the girls

The Girls having lots of fun waiting by the Christmas tree to give the gifts and Mariyah is peeking through to see if she can see the mom coming to see us

Brooklyn is like...who are these crazy looking characters with such big ears:)

We were not able to see the baby because of RSV, but we were able to put a smile on the mom's face when we were able to present her with the gifts and hopefully the children will feel like "santa" came this year. We didn't put our names on the presents so that Santa could be a part of their Christmas


Mabb Family said...

So Sweet! Amy you are always so wonderful and thoughtful I am sure they are feeling truely blessed because of your kindness. This will be what your kids remember most about Christmas, not the presents they got but how they help others. Miss YOU!

Lopez-kids said...

Bless you and your fam Amy! You just let me know that good still exists in this world! I think I really needed that right now! You are such a great momma, friend, and person!! I love you so much! You have an amazing heart, and I know your girls are lucky to have such a great example! Let me know how you get involved in this next year. I would love to do something like this...and since my girls are getting a wagon for Christmas, we'll have the transportation too! :-)

the Painters said...

You are wonderful Hadleys! I am so impresed by your willingness to serve and give. You are an amazing family and I know it's cause you both have hearts of gold. You are doing your children a great service also by teaching them the blessings and richness of serving.

Lyman Family said...

Hey Amy that is so cool. So cool do show your kids that. Hey send me your email. We set our blog to private and need your email. Thanks Have a great christmas!

carol said...

wow - you guys are amazing. I am so proud to know you and sad that i was selfish and didnt do anything like that. way to go ames! you are teaching your girls a great example!