Friday, October 12, 2007

Amy's whole family and our family went to the diamondbacks game last night. We had an awesome time and had so much fun watching them play. I was freaked out at one point because I thought there was going to be a riot. There was a bad call on us and our fans were freaking out and kept throwing stuff on the field. We were all yelling and you couldn't even heare the announcer. It was in the 7th ining and they even removed ALL the players off the was crazy! They suspended the game for 15 min. Read the picture that has a sign on it about throwing stuff. The girls had lots of fun and Ry wanted to make weird faces and not smile for the camera....even though we lost it was a fun time:)


carol said...

good luck on the contest and i love ry's scrunchy face at the game - too funny :)

Lyman Family said...

Amy Lou, Hi its Lyndsay I miss you. Your girls are beautiful. I need to make a trip to the valley and we should call Carol and whoever else and go hang out. Your fam is great. Cant wait to see more. Love ya!!!!!