Friday, February 29, 2008

Mariyah's Dance Class
Mariyah loves her dance/tumbling class and they had a performance this past week. It was so fun to watch her dance and it's amazing how much she has learned in her class. She has made lots of new friends and she is such a sweet girl. On the first day of class I had a cute bow to match her outfit and she let me know that her teacher said it wasnt a good idea to wear a bow because it would be in her way. I thought oh give me a break! I guess it was fine.

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The Welker Family said...

That looks like a fun little class. What a cute little balerina outfit! The bow would make a nice touch of course but she's pretty cute without it :) I'm just glad that somebody besides her mom is teaching her how to dance or all she would know how to do is shake her bootie.