Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa came to our house:)
Joshua's dad and Teresa(Grandpa & Grandma) have been here for a week from Utah. The girls have had tons of fun while they have been here and we have enjoyed them coming. Well tonight Joshua's dad dressed up as Santa. He came to the door shaking the bells and saying hohoho and then Mariyah opened the door and their was santa. Santa had lots of gifts for the girls and for the Parents:). The experience was priceless and so sweet. Brooklyn cracked us up because she kept on starring at Santa like wait a minute what are you doing here. It was really cute.
While they were here we went to see the Temple lights, went to the Museum, out to lunch and dinner, played at the hotel and also went swimming in the pool that was outdoors. Only in Arizona can you go swimming outside in the winter in December:).

Santa letting Ry ring the bells

Group picture of all of us with Santa...Brooklyn is keeping an eye on Santa

Girls with Grandma & Grandpa

Mariyah LOVED santa

Brooklyn wasn't too sure about Santa and yes she has a chapstick in her mouth.

Santa brought Mariyah adorable jeans

Our Family with Santa

This picture cracks me up because at 1st this is as close as she would get to Santa.

Mariyah at the museum

Ry & Grandpa in the hut at the museum

Grandma & Brooklyn

His parents rented a van and it had stow and go and the girls were obsessed and loved playing in the stow and go

Beautiful Temple with the lights

Grandma Teresa with the girls

Are you ever lucky enough to win a stuffed animal where you put in 50 cents and hope to win a toy out of the claw machine. Well we NEVER do but we went out for breakfast and played and won the bee stuffed animal:)

Being Cute!!!


lrbodine said...

I love Brooklyn's reaction to Santa. She wanted nothing to do with him at the ward party! Classic.

Looks like you've had a lot of fun with the visitors!

Robyn said...

How fun!!! Visits from the Grandparents are the best!