Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mariyah's 1st Soccer Game

Mariyah had her 1st game on Saturday at 12:30pm and they WON!!! Yes it was nice and hot outside (105degrees) and she did great. She is still getting used to soccer but overall she is enjoying it:). Her team is The Bumble Bee's. I made hair ties to match the girls uniforms for the 5 girls on her team and all the girls and their mom's loved them.

My parents and my sister Lindsey came and cheered Mariyah and her team on!!! I took all the pictures and didn't even get a picture of me and Mariyah on her 1st soccer game:( or a picture of my mom and her together. Soccer games go until December so I am sure there will be more picture taking:).

Mariyah is excited and ready to go

Go Bumble Bee's. I love this picture because you can see
the girls ponytail with their cute ribbon.


Brenda said...

Love the bows. Your such a cute mom. You may have not gotten a picture of you or your mom but you did get a picture of Josh.

lrbodine said...

Fun day! Hopefully it starts cooling down soon so they don't have too many games in 105 degree weather.

Robyn said...

Congratulations, Mariyah! I love the bows! They're adorable!

The Welker Family said...

Such a cute uniform!i love the ribbon. Soccer is so much fun. That's neat that she's playing.

carol said...

i was thinkin' the same thing about the last picture. i loved how you could see all the girls wearing them. isn't it so fun to watch your kids do sports - i just love it!

go Mariyah!!