Monday, November 2, 2009

Fry's Grocery Store was having a Halloween party and the girls and their cousin Carter had so much fun .They went around the store getting candy, coloring, playing games and they had lots of fun.

I love this picture of Brookie & Carter

The kids going "fishing" in the fishing area

My mom and Sister Lindsey with the kids

Making popcorn hands

Look at all that frosting!


Nice job decorating

Mariyah's school had a parade Friday morning as well as a class party. I was able to help out in the classroom and it was really fun. I played Halloween Bingo with her class and they did lots of other activities as well.


carol said...

that frys thing looks awesome! thanks so much for texting me about it. your girls look cute in their costumes :)

mickelsenfamily said...

Cute Costumes! Glad you had a happy Halloween!