Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grandma's Fun Visit

Joshua's mom flew in from Alaska last week and she was with us the whole week. The girls loved having grandma here and she spoiled all of us. We went shopping, made tutu's for the girls and enjoyed spending time together.

Thank you so much for coming to see us and the girls loved having their grandma here. They always call Joshua's mom Grandma in Alaska even when she's visiting us. That's the title they gave her since she lives there. We are so excited to come visit them in the summer and the girls are so excited to meet their baby cousin Amade and spend time in the beautiful state of Alaska.

We love you and thank you for visiting us ans thank you for EVERYTHING.

Grandma & Rya

Grandma & Brookie

Adorable Brookie getting ready for dance class

My mother in law and I made this tutu for Brookie:) We made a red & white tutu for Mariyah that I need to take a picture of and will post later

I'm so excited to meet my niece and the girls are
excited to meet their cousin in the summer time


mickelsenfamily said...

How fun! I love when grandparents can come and spoil the kids :) SOrry to hear about your grandma. She looks so young! I would had never guessed she was in her 70's. HOpe all is well with you.

carol said...

ok that tutu is freaking adorable!!! i love it!!!

The Welker Family said...

What fun times with Grandma! Brooklyn is so cute with that tutu! I love it!