Monday, October 11, 2010

Mariyah's 7th Birthday Party at Makutus Island

Mariyah woke up and had her room all decorated for her birthday and then she got ready for the school, opened a few gifts and she was so excited because I surprised her for lunch at her school. Brookie and I brought her McDonald's and then I watched her play on the playground after lunch. She loved us being at her school and celebrating her birthday for a few hours at school.

Since Mariyah's birthday party a year ago she has been planning her 7th birthday party at Makutu's Island. She LOVED her birthday party and had so much fun. Her birthday was on Wednesday the 6th so after school we picked up her friends from school and went to my parents house. I had decorated for her party and we had munchies, cupcakes and gifts at my parents house. Then we headed to Makutu's Island and Mariyah and her friends had so much fun. They had TONS of energy so it was the perfect place for them to run around and celebrate her party:).

Cute girls on Mariyah's birthday morning

She got the Special Chair at school for her birthday:)

Cute Cousin's at Makutu's Island

Girls with Grandma

Playing and having Fun!!!!

Friends at her party

Aunt Valeria came in the evening with Uncle Tyler and she did some
fun activities with Mariyah with her new birthday gifts:)


Chrsitina MC said...

How fun - Happy Birthday M!!

Carol said...

looks like a great birthday party! next year she will be baptized - that is a trip - just you wait :)

The Welker Family said...

I can't believe that she's 7!!! What a fun birthday! Your girls are getting cuter and cuter as they grow up. Watch out for those teenage years! Yikes!