Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Snowflake Trip

My amazing friend Beth and her family moved to Snowflake in December:(. We were so sad to see them move because have been such great friends. Mariyah and Kaylee have been best friends since they were babies and now they're both 7. So the kids and I am my sister Lindsey went to Snowflake to visit them and see where they live. The girls had so much fun running around having fun outside, feeding the horses, and loved being outdoors and exploring:). Andrew was such a great baby and traveled great in the car. He is seriously the BEST baby and so so sweet and such a quiet baby. We love that snowflake is only 3 hours away that way we can see them and they also come to the Valley once in awhile so we will still keep in touch.

Mariyah & Kaylee

Brookie LOVED the neighbors dog and when we left she gave it a hug:)

The girls loved playing outside

Where's Waldo....

Dressed up

Cute kids

Andrew was so good and had fun hanging out

Feeding the horses were so much fun

Andrew and I with the horses. It was so windy!!!!

Mariyah feeding the horse


All Smiley

Seriously what a cute face:)

Andrew really liked being outside.

Kaylee & Mariyah before bedtime

This is the view of the Temple from their house

Mariyah was so excited because her and Kaylee were in the same 1st grade class but when Kaylee moved they weren't anymore. So Mariyah got to go to school with Kaylee on Friday and what's so fun is that Kaylee's grandma is here teacher.

Mariyah bought matching necklaces for the 2 of them:)

Here is a picture of Mariyah & Kaylee at 2 1/2 years old:).

Brookie liked putting paper in the fireplace

Just Chillin

My FUN college roommate Lyndsay:). She lives in Snowflake and it was
so great seeing her and visiting and meeting her 3 kids.

My Amazing Friend Beth:). We miss them so much but it was so wonderful seeing
them and staying at their home. Thank you for having us and were excited to come visit again.

My Beautiful sister Lindsey. She was such a great help to me and the kids and
it was so fun having here there.


My 1st time seeing the Temple

Family picture with my sister:). Sad Joshua wasn't able to come but happy we were able to go and have a great time. It was so WINDY at the Temple.


My sister Lindsey is an AMAZING artist and before bed the girls wanted to draw just
like their Aunt Lindsey.

Lindsey with Andrew


Laney said...

I'm happy the Travers were able to move north like they wanted - but it freaks me out how OLD our little Sunbeams our now! Those kids are growing way too fast - seriously.

Christina MC said...

Love Andrews little tongue sticking out. You'll have to tell Beth I said hi. I can't believe how big Justin has gotten.

Carol said...

looks like you had a really great/windy trip :) how fun to see lyndz!