Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July Weekend in Prescott

This 4th of July was so much fun being in Prescott. The weather was nice and cool and it was nice to get away for a min family vacation. We left Saturday and got home Monday night. We stayed ina a really nice hotel and of course all the girls wanted to do was swim:). We went to the WORLDS OLDEST RODEO and had so much fun. The girls did really good and liked watching the horses and didn't quite understand why the cowboys would want to get chased by bulls lol. We also went to the lake and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the mountains. It was a great family trip and I think we will make this our family tradition every other year for the 4th. We will go up to Alaska next year:).

The girls were so excited to have cowgirls had and Andrew too:)

Picture time:)

Cute kids

I love my baby boy.

Brookie and me in the hotel room

Enjoying the water with Daddy

So Precious

Love ya Brookie

The girls had fun playing in the water

All Smiles

We were at the art fair on enjoyed the
beautiful weather and talent

Joshua and I hanging out

Brooklyn said mom can I please have boots to go with my hat lol

Chillin with her daddy

Good Morning Kids it's the 4th of JULY!!!!!

Happy 4th!!! Who wouldn't want to wake up to this:)

Ready to head to the Rodeo

Joshua with his baby boy

We had a great time at the lake.
The kids loved throwing rocks with Joshua

Attempt at a picture with me.

All festive for the 4th

Love my chunky baby

Welcome Hadley's to the Rodeo

Fun at the Rodeo waiting for it to start

We were there on the 4th and it was such a fun celebration. They honored all those who serve our country and it was a really neat experience to be there on Independence Day

The monkey was so cute riding on a dog lol

Cooling off

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