Monday, March 5, 2012

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday

Wow it's been 2 months since I have blogged!!!! I can't believe I have taken so long to post pictures. I guess I don't get on my computer as much because of my phone. I love how my phone can connect to the internet and I can check fb and anything else but uploading pictures to my blog can only happen through my laptop. I am starting with Brooklyn's Birthday party on her Birthday January 17th!!!!

So grateful to be Brooklyn's mom. She is so sweet and dear and always willing to help
and serve others. Love you my sweet 5 year old.

First the Princess Girls either came dressed up or dressed up in Brooklyn's princess attire.
We played freeze dance and the girls had so much fun.

Craft time:). The girls had fun making crowns and coloring.

Pizza YUMMY:)

We had the princess castle area( fun ball pit for the girls).

Cupcakes I made for my princess

Thanks for all the fun gifts.

My sweet girl Brooklyn

The girls enjoyed going on a Princess Scavenger Hunt. I had clues around the house and they had to go to different princesses and find the next clue. So much FUN:)

Ariel was in the tree lol

Yay we found all the clues and the treasures.

Andrew woke up from his nap and ate his pizza.

Princess girls at the party:) Thanks for all the friends who came to
celebrate her Special day.

Pin the crown on the princess game:).
Natalie and Brooklyn such sweet friends.

Gift Time

Thank you to all the friends and family for coming to
celebrate Brookies 5th birthday party and for all the amazing gifts:).

She was so EXCITED to open up her Leap Pad. We saved her leap pad and had
her open it a little later after her family and friend gifts.

My mom bought this awesome ice cream cake for her birthday and it said to leave it out...well as you can see it was left out a little too long but still tasted yummy:)

Happy 5th Birthday!!!!

Craft table for all the fun crafts and activities

She even had a black eye for her party:(. Her and a friend ran into each other a
few days before her party:(.

She loved her princess balloon

Having fun with friends

Goodie Bags

Looking at her gifts

Yummy ice cream with grandma. We had her party during the day so when Mariyah was out of school she enjoyed ice cream with sister and grandma.

I love my baby boy Andrew. The girls dressed up like princesses so
Andrew joined in on the Superman fun:)

My brother Darren and his wife Tami and my sweet niece
Arianna were at her party:)

My friend Jesika( Jayda is 3 weeks older than Andrew) Jordan( Sunny is 2 weeks older than Andrew) and me with Andrew who is the youngest of the girls but the biggest lol.

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