Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jeeper Fun

Jeeper's is an indoor amusement park and the kids always have so much fun when we go....of course because it's all for kids so why not have fun:). Even Andrew enjoyed some of the rides. Some of the pictures aren't that good of quality because they were spinning fast and I took the photos with my phone.

Bumper Cars

Andrew looks mad in the photo but he really had a great time and he is obsessed
with Basketball and all he wanted to do was play basketball.
Yay I was able to get a photo of my 3 kids but then Brookie turned her head..oh well at least they're all in the same picture. I just had to hurry because I didn't want Andrew to fall even though he was buckled in.
So sweet of Mariyah to take her brother for a ride. He loved how it went up and down
and he loved being with his sister.
My girls seriously love this ride. It's goes forward and backwards and goes so fast yet they
can stay on it over and over and they love it.
I rode on the Safari train ride with Andrew and he loved all the animals and the sounds.

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