Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alaska Here we come!!
Our family is heading to Alaska early Friday morning. Joshua's family lives there and we are so excited to see them! I am sure I will have tons to post when we get back. We will be gone for a week so I am sure I wont have time to post while I am there but I will when we return. Here are a few pics from last time when we visited. Us by the glaciers, a view from the boat while fishing and a view of where they live.

Cute Mariyah in Alaska
in August of 2005


Castle Family said...

That's awesome! Hope you guys have fun! Enjoy the weather ;)

carol said...

oh i am so jealous you are going on vacation! i hope you guys have a lot of fun and i cant wait to hear about it when you get back.

ps - love the riding the vaccum pictures!

mickelsenfamily said...

Sounds fun! GO and have a good time. I'll be looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Sara said...

Hi Amy! I found a link to your blog from Amber's. It's great to see what your family is up to. Your girls are so cute! They look just like you. Have fun in Alaska!

Bronwyn James said...

Wow, beautiful! I wish we had a good excuse to go to Alaska.