Sunday, July 6, 2008

Amazing Alaska Vacation
We are back from being in Alaska for a week!! We had such an incredible time and Alaska was soooooo beautiful. The weather was amazing and they said we brought the sunshine with us because it had rained the whole month of June and the day we got their it was sunny, but still 50 degrees outside. Instead of writing a whole novel(which I know is easy for me to do since I LOVE talking:) I am going to type the highlights of our vacation and check out our SLIDE SHOW below with lots of amazing pictures

*We went fishing on Joshua's family boat and we caught a 60 inch Halibut Fish and it was over 110lbs. We are going to be in their newspaper since it was the biggest fish caught that week. We got fishing licenses to be able to catch fish and the girls enjoyed holding the bait(smaller fish) on the boat. Amy(me) wouldn't touch the fish! Yuck but everyone else including the girls had fun holding the fish. Once we caught the halibut that took 45 min to get reeled in since the halibut kept on taking the line in the water Mariyah touched the eyeball of the fish once it was in the boat. Once the fish was filayed their was 85 lbs of fish meat and the cost if the fish were to be sold was 1,500. WOW!!! We didn't sell it but packaged it up and left it for his parents to enjoy. Check out the slide show to see more pics of the fish:) The pics are amazing!!!!

*It never got dark at night so the girls enjoyed staying up late and we all stayed up and enjoyed every minute of the gorgeous views and we went fishing late at night too. This is a picture at 9:00 at night

*We went on the 4 wheelers and had a BLAST. The girls LOVED and I mean LOVED the 4 wheelers. Brooklyn usually went with Joshua and Mariyah was with mom. We went on amazing trails and it was so incredible.

*Joshua, Amy and Amanda(Joshua's sister) went Kayaking in the lake and the views of the mountains were amazing and at first I was a bit nervous thinking that my kayak was going to tip over, but it never did. Besides the fact that Joshua and his sister tried to tip me over:0 but I was able to Kayak away from them.

*The Glaciers in Alaska are amazing and I took tons of pictures, but even with the pictures I took of the glaciers they don't even begin to explain and show how awesome they are. When we were at the glaciers a huge piece fell off into the copper river and that was really neat to see. The glaciers are behind us in this family picture.

*On the 4th of July their town had lots of fun games for the kids and Adults like toss the rubber turkey into the hullahoop, cutting wood, making keychains and they cooked tons of fish and had a great meal all free for the whole island of Cordova Alaska. Only 2,500 people live there and you can only get there by a ferry or by taking a flight there. Since fireworks are legal in Alaska Joshua bought a ton of fireworks and we had a fun fireworks show put on by all of us and the girls had their little fireworks too. Since it doesn't get dark at night we did the fireworks in the light (9:00) at night and we also bought fireworks that you could light in the lake and that was so fun too.

*We took the Ferry from Cordova to Whittier and then drove an hour to the airport in Anchorage. It takes ALL day to get home with taking 4 different flights and a ferry. This is a picture of the girls with Grandma on the Ferry. We enjoyed the ferry ride and the views were amazing. Mariyah did have a great time on the ferry, but decided to do a mean face for fun in the picture.

*This is our 4th time going to Alaska but this was the most amazing experience and the girls and us learned so much while we were there. We learned to really love nature and realize all the beauty that has been created for us to enjoy.
Since going to Alaska Brooklyn started saying Boat, Fishy, plane(when we were on the plane she would say running please),why and animal. She amazes us everyday with the words she says. Mariyah and Brooklyn talk and talk all day long...hmmm I wonder where they get that from:).
*The experience of our family going to Alaska was priceless and we want to say THANK YOU so much to Joshua's Mom and Thane for everything they did for us. We stayed at their beautiful home and his mom cooked great home cooked meals and they took us all around so that we could enjoy the beautiful Prince William Sound Island in Cordova Alaska.
Grandma & Aunt Amanda with the girls

Grandpa with the girls on the 4th of July


lrbodine said...

That fish is HUGE!! I'm amazed at how beautiful it is up there. I missed my family's trip to Alaska so I'm determined to make it up there one day. Glad you made it back safe!

Lopez-kids said...

I'm s jealous! Not so much that you had to stand next to a rediculously large fish, but that you got to be there in 50 degree weather and surrounded by all that beauty! It looks so pretty! Some day I will make it to Alaska! It looks like you guys had a great time and as always your girls are so flippin' cute!!

mickelsenfamily said...

How Fun! I love vacations like that. I'm glad to see you have coats! I bet you hardly ever have to pull them out in Arizona. The pictures of your girls and the snow was too cute. I bet they loved everything about Alaska. Glad you had fun!

Christina MC said...

Your trip looks like it was amazing. I can't believe the 9 pm picture. I know the sun doesn't set but never having seen it in person, it still seems incredible. I can't believe that fish-it looks as big as Josh! So glad you guys had such a good time. My goal is to take an Alaskan cruise someday so I can see the glaciers up close.

Alicia said...

Wow! What a huge fish! Congrats on the catch! I'm glad you had such a fun time in Alaska! It looks beautiful!

carol said...

holy crap you are a nice daughter-in-law, i totally would have sold that fish and pocketed the money. how fun to ride the quads, play in the snow and its so beautiful there. looks like you guys had a great trip!

Adam and Tiffany said...

Holy cow that is the hugest fish ever. I almost fell off my chair!! It is absolutely gorgeous there! Looks like you had so much fun! Adam has been there a few times on business and I am dying to go too. SOOO pretty! I bet your girls loved all that snow.

Carla said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow! All I can say is WOW!! Those pictures are amazing. What an awesome trip! How nice of you to share it all with us!

Travis & Amber said...

AK is beautiful!

jlynn and Chad said...

I am so jealous! I wish I could have come. It looks like you had a wonderful time. The pics are awesome!