Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs Thursday-Sunday!!

This year it felt like Easter started Thursday and ended Sunday evening.


I took the girls on Thursday to go and decorate cookies, get their picture taken and make Easter cards at Fry's grocery store. We had lots of fun:). That evening we went to the Easter Pageant on the Temple grounds and it was so amazing. I invited my friends and their children who aren't members of the church to the Pageant. They had such a wonderful experience and really felt the love the Savior has for each of us and they are now starting to take the missionary discussions.


Friday was by far the crazy day!! That morning I planned our playgroup and had the kids come over to our place and decorate/dye the Easter eggs. The girls and all the kids had so much fun. It was really fun and it was cute to see the kids creativity while coloring the eggs. The crazy part came when we headed to Golfland/Sunsplash to go Easter egg hunting( for those of you who don't know this is a water park in Arizona). We stood in line for 1 hour and it was 90 degress outside!

What happened was they were only going to let 1oo kids get in per age group to find eggs. Well what happened is sooo many kids showed up so they told us that we would get in the next group which was in 1 hr. Which means we would've been their for 2 1/2 hrs. just to find an egg or 2. During this time Brooklyn got a hold of the only KEY to our home. She ended up falling asleep and once we got in the castle I laid her down and she slept on the soft bench while we ate lunch. At this point we had stood in line in the heat for over an hour and I couldn't find my key and was thinking great how am I going to get into my home. I was ready to freak out and I had a gal who had ordered bracelets for her daughters and she was going to be picking them up when I got back. Well with no KEY I couldn't even get in. We never ended up getting to do the egg hunt even though we got wrist bands because they didn't even have enough eggs for the kids. It was stupid so I went up to the manager and said look we have been in line and these kids aren't even getting eggs but I heard you were giving candy away to those who didn't get anything. Guess what it was a flippin Sucker. A SUCKER!!!! Wow I could've gone to the dollar store and got them more candy than that without having to stand it line and lose my house key....!

Good new though as we were getting ready to leave and I picked Brooklyn up from the bench guess what was hanging from her hair...the KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a good laugh and my friend Lachelle got her camera out and took the picture. So the whole time I was looking for the key it was in my daughters hair and I had no idea that she was taking a nap with it:).

Didn't all the kids decorate such pretty eggs

still waiting to get into the castle

More waiting...the girls were really good

The girls waiting to eat after we had waited over an hour in line.


Because of the whole Friday deal with the egg hunt my friend Emily who is so sweet and thoughtful had a great idea of doing an Easter Egg hunt for our kids at the Freestone park. We figured it would be a bright and sunny day since it has been for the past month. So Saturday morning comes around and guess what it's raining. Of course the rain is wonderful here and we love rain and love the beautiful weather but it put a damper on our egg hunt. So after many calls around we were able to pull off the Easter Egg hunt at the church building and the kids had a great time and we had a pizza party and we hid the eggs in the primary room. My girls loved it and my friends kids were there and it was great to be together with some great friends.

Then we went and got the girls pictures taken with the Easter bunny. It was so cute because my sister met us over there and we were able to get cousin pictures and then the girls together:).

That evening before the girls went to bed Mariyah wanted to write the Easter bunny a note that said: Dear Easter Bunny I love you and thank you for coming to our house. Love Mariyah and Brooklyn. It was so cute because she put it right by the front door so that the bunny could "see" it.


I told the girls that the Easter bunny wrote them a note that said: Thank you Mariyah and Brooklyn for writing me a letter. I want you to get ready for church and let your mom do your hair and then you can look for your Easter baskets. Our ward starts at 9am and the girls are really good at getting ready it was just nice and more peaceful this Sabbath morning.

They found their baskets and they were so excited. I know everyone talks all about the Bunny but every year I put a picture of Christ in their baskets so that they remember the true meaning of Easter and the resurrection of our Savior.

We had a wonderful dinner at my parents house and then went to my grandparents and had an Easter egg hunt. The girls loved the Easter egg hunt because their cousin Carter was their and they all had such a blast finding their eggs. They even each got money and an adorable bunny.

This is my favorite picture of the girls:)

This is the bow I made for the girls dresses

Throwing Up

To end our great Easter days this past week Mariyah woke up at 11:30 at night and Joshua heard her and went in her room and she was throwing up!! He got her all cleaned up while I took the bedding off and started doing laundry. She threw up 4 different times in the night but when she woke up this morning she was feeling great. It looks like the candy got the best of her because she ate too much. She said she didn't want to eat that much candy EVER again. She was a trooper through it all.

Hope you each had a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing your Easter pictures:).


Kimberly said...

You did so many fun things. Are you exhausted? Where did you find an Easter bunny? Couldn't find one up here. We were going to see him on Saturday, but all events were cancelled. Anyway, love your girls dresses and bows.

carol said...

what no pictures of the throw up?! jk. you win - your easter was totally busier than mine. i LOVE your girls dresses - the yellow and pink is so cute and i love the hair bow too!

Pearce Fam said...

Wow you have been busy! Thats too bad about standing in line forever, but I'm glad you got the key! It sounds like you guys had a good Easter overall though and the girls looked so adorable in their Easter dresses and the bows you made matched perfect, how lucky for your girls to have such a fun crafty mommy!

Brenda said...

I love the bow. What cute dresses and what an eventful weekend. Thanks for all the pics and for leaving the throw-up out!

Chrsitina MC said...

You finally branched out from your normal gross grain bows-good lookin bow too!

The Revie Family said...

Haa haaaa, those "bucket-head" pictures made me laugh. They are so cute!

Bronwyn James said...

Your girls look like such good friends. I love that in siblings. They are sure beautiful!

lrbodine said...

That was a fun and busy weekend! We will have to plan earlier for next year's Easter activities. And the bow is darling!

Amber Omer said...

Amy, you are amazing to do so many things! That must be why your kids are always so smiley and happy looking in all the pictures you post...they have such a fun Mom! Thanks for being such a good example to me!