Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mariyah's Prayer:)

Yesterday was a great day for Mariyah!! She turned 5 1/2 years old and she was so excited! I didn't realize that being a 1/2 year older was so much fun...heehee. Apprentaly that's what they talk about at school so it's cool.

Anyhow ever since the light rail was built Ry has wanted to ride on it. Last night we were getting ready for dinner and Mariyah asked me if we could ride the light rail for Family Home Evening and I said maybe...which in my mind at the time I was thinking well probably not but didn't say that just left it at the open ended "maybe".

Then Mariyah said the prayer for dinner and she blessed the food and then said and I pray that we will be able to ride the light rail but my mom said maybe and so I am not sure if were going to ride it but I really want to then she finished the prayer. As she finished my heart sunk and I thought here my daughter is praying about riding the light rail and in that moment I said you know what ry YES were going to ride the light rail and the joy in her face was incredible.
We had a fun experience and I was able to get a picture because the camera battery died but it was a fun experience and I am sure one she will remember because she's now 5 1/2:).

Look how Happy she is and she held the ticket the whole time.

We rode the light rail at night but this is a picture I took from their site.


Lauren said...

lol I think it's sooo cute that she wanted to ride the lightrail so bad! What a fun night you guys had.

Dickson Family said...

That is too cute. I must say I do love the word "maybe". I can say to answer a question and not disappoint.

Also, thanks so so so so so much for the baby outfit, bows and bracelet. That was super kind of you. I am still with child, but once she's out I will send you a picture of her wearing all her fabulous things. Thanks again Amy, you are amazing!!!!!! Natalie

jlynn and Chad said...

How fun to ride the light rail! I also LOVE the picture of the Brooklyn and Mariah on the top of your page. Riding the rail will have to be something Chad and I do when we have nothing else to do. Where did you get on the railway?

Tiffany said...

Amy, This is so fun to keep in touch!
We also rode the lightrail for fun about a month ago. Savannah was just bored, but Wesley thought it was so great to ride a real train!!

Chrsitina MC said...

Ry totally looks like your mom in that picture.