Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats to my Dad & Darren & Tami on Graduating!!!

If was a very eventful weekend with my brother, his wife and my dad graduating this weekend. Darren & Tami graduated from MCC on Friday evening and my brother is going to
ASU in the fall.

My Dad Graduated with his Master's Degree from ASU in 1 YEAR. He graduated many years ago from BYU but wanted to go back to school to get his Master's and he did it!!!! My dad is amazing and he has studied and studied and studied and it has finally paid off by graduating on Saturday. We also went to the commencement on Wednesday night at the ASU stadium where President Obama spoke. Although I am not all about Obama when they announced the President of the United States Barack Obama is going to speak it was pretty amazing. It was a really neat experience to be their and it has been such a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends. It was also really fun because I saw Brian & Lanae at ASU because Brian graduated....congrats!!!!
We love you dad and are so thankful for this great accomplishment.

My Dad

My Mom & Dad

My Siblings:)

My parents with their children. My brother Darren's wife wasn't their because she had to work.

My Siblings: Preston, Lindsey, Spencer, Darren & Tami

My Parents with the graduates

Darren & Tami

Our family with the graduates. I don't think Joshua realized the picture was being taken. It ended at 10:00pm and the girls did really well but Brooklyn fell asleep around 9:30.

Mariyah loves Uncle Darren


Brenda said...

That's so exciting! Send a Congrates to your Dad for me -k-? He is such a great guy. =)

Devin and Shira said...

Hope all is well with you guys! Congrats to all the graduates too!

carol said...

How exciting for all of them. congrats olsens on your graduations!

Amber Omer said...

That's great! Tell them all congrats for us!

Pearce Fam said...

That's so fun to see pics of your fam, and that's so exciting that they are graduating. I didn't know you got to hear Obama, that's really neat (although I have to agree on the opinion of him)