Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mariyah' Poem

Ry's last day of school was a few weeks ago but since I haven't blogged in a few weeks here are the pictures:). Mrs. Hernandez is an incredible teacher and she has taught for over 30 years and Mariyah's class was the last one she would ever teach:(. My brother's and sister's had Mrs. Hernandez for kindergarten and we are so thankful that Mariyah had her for school.

Each student in Mariyah's class was to memorize a poem for the poetry fair. Mariyah chose to memorize Bingo and her prob was a dog and she did a great job. It was so cute to hear all the fun poems. What was so neat is that all the parents showed up to support their child which I thought was so neat and after wards we went into their classroom and had lemonade and cookies.

The parents each gave money towards the gift for her teacher. We had the kids each write their name on the same paper and then made it into a plate. We also had each student do a scrapbook page and then put it into a scrapbook. Her teacher loved it so much.

Overall this school year has been incredible. Mariyah has learned so much and she will go to all day kindergarten in August. This year she was in the pre-kindergarten...aka....early learning kindergarten. Basically it was kindergarten but since the kids birthday's were after the schoool cut off date of being 5 by August 31st Mariyah wasn't able to go to kindergarten. She is reading and has learned so much it's amazing. She only missed 2 days of school and was NEVER tardy. I think that's do to me being OCD about being late. Most of you know me and I am not one for being late anywhere. She was really sick those 2 days but besides that she was there.

Now onto summer with swim lesssons, going to the musuem and doing lots of fun activities to keep up cool in the summer. Happy Summer Time!!!!!

She was really excited that I was in her class but didn't want to show it for the picture.

Isn't this too cute. These are Mariyah's Hand prints throughout the school year. She brought it home and I love looking at it.

Brooklyn is so proud of her sister that she's giving her a big hug.

Brookie enjoying Ry's school

Mariyah siting at her table

This picture cracks me up because look who's trying to say a poem at the mic:)

Mariyah getting ready to say her poem

A few of Mariyah's friends in class


Travis and Amber said...

So cute! and so fun to be done with school and on to the fun of summer.

Brenda said...

How sweet. I loved the picture of all the hands, plate, and Brooklyn giving her 1st poem! Enjoy the summer, we should get together some time.

carol said...

thats very nerve racking - good for her for saying the poem in the mic and for memorizing it and tell brooklyn it wont be long before its her turn - i liked that pic of her in the back.

Ballard said...

i still have membership for the phx science center we really should take the kids some day here soon.. enjoy and chat with you later amy

The Welker Family said...

That is so cute that she is already learning how to be a public speaker. She looks so cute and grown up! I love the pic of Brooklyn giving her a hug. You can tell that she is loving the hug!