Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Day

On 4th of July we had so much fun. We went to my parents house and since we were already in our swimsuits we washed our car. Now I can honestly say I don't know that last time I actually washed my car because I always go through the carwasher. I know how pathetic am I!!! The girls had so much fun that maybe next time I should let them wash it:). It's so dang hot in the summer that I end of paying to get it washed instead of me doing it.

We went swimming at my parents and then we had a fun barbecue. The girls and Carter had so much fun playing together and helping my dad in the garden. My mom cooked the corn and we even ate the corn from the garden.

That evening we went and watched fireworks. The girls loved the fireworks and they love spending time with their cousin Carter.

I am thankful for my freedom and thankful to live in the USA!!!!!

This is the cutiest picture of the girls and their cousin:)

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Brenda said...

The pool looks so nice! Love the picture of the kids. Carter has grown since the last time I saw him!