Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dinosaur Museum

The girls and I and my sister went to the Arizona Museum of Natural History...aka the Dinosaur Museum. The girls have wanted to go to the dinosaur museum for a LONG time and we finally went this past week.
We had so much fun and the girls loved seeing the dinosaurs, mining for "gold", and all the kids activities they had.
Overall it was a great experience and the girls loved seeing the alligator. Yes it was a real alligator and of course there was NO way the baby alligator could get out but it was fun for the girls to get that close to an alligator safely.

Girls & Mom

Siting on a real fossil bone

Cool huh

I enjoyed seeing everything!

Brooklyn wasn't 2 sure of the alligator at first

Ry loved seeing the alligator

I love you girls:).

With Aunt Lindsey

Beautiful Amethyst

Panning for Gold

They even had little bags to put their tiny gold pieces in.

Look mom my foot's bigger:)

No my foot is bigger...I think the dinosaurs foot was the biggest.


Amber Omer said...

Looks like so much fun! Where is that museum? And I can't believe how grown up your sister is!! Wow, it makes me feel old! lol

carol said...

my dad just took eli there 2 weeks ago - he loved it - i didnt have any pictures so i pretended your girls were bubbas :)