Monday, August 17, 2009

Mariyah & Brooklyn after School

Mariyah loves school and she is having so much fun. She loves her teacher and has made lots of friends. She makes friends easily because she loves to talk and loves to play:) These pictures were taken on the first day when Brooklyn and I went to pick Mariyah up. Brooklyn was so excited to see Mariyah that she gave her a hug. Brooklyn also got a new outfit for her first day of her sister going to school:). She was posing and having fun because she felt like it was her special day too.


Alicia said...

That's a cute idea to give Brooklyn a back to school outfit too. LOVE the hair pretties

carol said...

ok how amazing are you! i never would have thought about buying the child at home a new outfit - you are a freaking good mom!!!

Ballard said...


should take you with me on my trip then i would know i have pictures to show.. have a good day

brooklyn is cute..