Friday, August 7, 2009


We took the girls to skateland and they had so much fun. It brought back memories of going to skateland when I was a teenager. The camera battery was dying but I was able to get a few pics. I wish I was able to get more pics of the girls skating on the rink but we all had a fun time skating. Dora was skating and Broooklyn loved seeing Dora and she felt so big wearing skates. Mariyah has a pair of skates and we rented a pair for Brooklyn, me and Joshua. Overall it was a fun experience:).

Mariyah getting ready to skate. She ended up skating all around the rink but it was her 1st time so she was holding on to the side but eventually felt confident and skated all over:).

Mariyah holding Brooklyn's hand getting ready to help her skate.

Cute sisters. What cracks me up in this picture is that instead of them both smiling it looks like they have the same facial expression.

Brookie taking a break from skating and when she took a break either Joshua or me would sit out. She's looking for me on the rink.

Aren't her skates too cute.

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Pearce Fam said...

Where do you find these places?! Looks like fun :)