Monday, December 14, 2009

Joshua's 30!!!

Joshua turned 30 yesterday!! The girls and I made him breakfast and served it to him in bed(he was out of bed and Mariyah said dad go back to bed because we have a surprise for you).

We made him a poster with different candy sayings and the girls had fun decorating it and giving it to him. We went to church and after church I spend time in the kitchen making him a lava cake which was a first for me. I am happy to report that when everyone ate it they said it was good so I hope they were telling the truth lol.

I made dinner at our place and took it over to my parents and my mom was also cooking part of the meal. We had Orange chicken, spicy garlic and kung pow chicken and fortune cookies etc. Overall it was a wonderful day and Joshua wanted to say thank you to the family who gave him gift cards and for all the phone calls:).

Birthday Dad and his girls

The fun poster we made

I love this picture

Cute picture

This is the only picture of me on his birthday holding the cake. He was looking at Mariyah but did blow out the 30 candles:)


Brenda said...

What a cute idea. Nathan's b-day is today, I wished I would have thought of your idea, so far he is getting cake & ice-cream and whatever he wants for dinner. I guess that's what happens when your a new mom again.
Tell Josh happy birthday for us.=)

The Mursets said...

Congratulations for making it this far old man.


Chrsitina MC said...

Happy Bday Josh! Oh and I Love! Mariyah's dress.

carol said...

happy birthday! such a young pup