Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas season seeing lots of light, listening to beautiful Christmas music, serving others and loved receiving all your Christmas cards & pictures. We had Christmas Eve dinner at Macayos and then we went to my parents and the girls opened up their new jammies. When we got home the girls were excited to open up presents from Grandma & Grandpa that live in Utah because they were going to open them while they were on skpe. They're skype wasn't working but the girls opened up their gifts and we each loved what we got. Thank you to his mom who also sent us gifts from Alaska. The girls are excited to go to Alaska this summer and see Grandma & Grandpa and their baby cousin Amare:). We love you!!!!

The girls loved opening up Christmas gifts and Brooklyn was so excited that Santa brought her the Elefun game. She loves that game and it's really fun to play. Mariyah was so excited because Santa brought her a playhouse although she has lots she had a certain one that she wanted and she got it. It's actually a rug with a playhouse and it's really nice and easy to store. We went to my parents house at noon and the girls opened up presents their with their cousin Carter. Thank you to my parents for all the wonderful gifts for the girls. The girls love their dolls and loved spending time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Also this year for Christmas I made my mom a calendar of the 6 siblings of us growing up and it was so neat to give my mother such a wonderful gift. Joshua gave me an amazing gift that I am so excited to use this next year. He gave me an envelope and inside it said a round trip ticket to wherever I wanted to fly to. He will stay home and watch the girls while I travel for a few days to visit a friend and I think I already have an idea of where I want to go:).
Hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas season and we feel very blessed this year:)

Christmas at my Parents house

Olsen Family with the Calendar I made my mom from all of her children.


carol said...

ok LOVE the picture of the girls hugging. looks like you guys had a great christmas and tons of gifts :)

ps - I LOVED hanging out with you last night! i sure do miss hanging out with you and nikki!

lrbodine said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! I want to come over and play with the girl's toys. :)

And did you get a labelmaker? That's one of my favorite "toys" although I need to replace mine!