Monday, February 1, 2010

Kinder Zoo

On Friday all the kindergarten classes dressed up as Zoo animals. Mariyah was an elephant and it was so cute to see all the "Animals". Brooklyn and I came as well as my mom and sister Lindsey. We fed Mariyah the Elephant and some of the other animals. They are learning lots about animals in school right now so it was fun to see her dressed up at the "ZOO".

Brooklyn had fun feeding her Elephant sister:)

Rya's good friend. The sun was in her eyes which didn't make her the happiest Elephant.

Cute Elephant

Even Brookie joined in on the fun:)

More Zoo Animals

Aunt Lindsey Petting Mariyah


lrbodine said...

What a fun school! It always seems like they are doing the best activities with the kids. Mariyah looks adorable in her costume too!

Chrsitina MC said...

How fun and creative. Good to know some schools are making learning fun still.

Brenda said...

I remember Tyler being in the "zoo". So cute! By the way thanks for your cute comments. We need to get together some time.=)

carol said...

oh that is really cute. i have never heard/seen that before! how fun!

Pearce Fam said...

Lol that's so cute and fun!