Sunday, January 17, 2010

Brooklyn is 3!!!

Brooklyn turned 3 today and we celebrated her birthday party yesterday at the park. She had so much fun having a Dora birthday party and seeing all her friends. It was a wonderful birthday party and I know how much Brooklyn loved having her friends there and lots of family. She enjoyed opening up presents, having cake and playing in the sand.

We love you Brooklyn Dawn and Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!!

Brooklyn having fun in the sand

Her birthday was at the park but the kids enjoyed most of there time playing
in the sand.

Brookie loves the swings

Thank you Grandma for my Dora Balloon

I LOVE this picture of her Best Friend Ellie and Brookie.
They have been friends since birth.

Brookie was so excited for her Dora Cake

Parker and Elaya are Brooklyn's friends since they were babies:)

Friends at the party...not all of them because it was hard to get them all in the picture.

2nd attempt...

Her friends and sister loved seeing what she got

So Fun!!!

Elaya is Brookie's Best friend from when she was a baby:)

Grandma & Grandpa got her a dress up dress that she loves

She loves Dora and loved that the blow dryer really makes noise and blows air out

More presents

Great Grandma with Brookie & Great Grandpa in the background

Grandma & Brooklyn

Mommy with her Beautiful Birthday Girl

It's Cake Time

The girls in their church dresses

Cute picture of the girls on her Birthday

Princess Brooklyn

We went to my parents for dinner and Brooklyn got the Birthday Plate

Since some of my siblings werent able to make it to Brooklyn's party Saturday we had a little party at my parents and I made a cake. Brooklyn helped decorate with sprinkles and she did a really good job lol.


Carter & Aunt Sara bought Brooklyn an adorable sleeping bag/backpack with a water bottle

When Brooklyn woke up on her birthday the 1st thing she wanted to do was keep her jammies on and dress up. She cracks me up and has such a fun personality.


Chrsitina MC said...

I love her "dress up" picture-so cute! We had fun celebrating her Bday!

lrbodine said...

Brookyln is such a character! We had fun celebrating and Ellie keeps talking about her birthday party.

The Welker Family said...

She is so cute! I LOVE her hair!!!! What a fun birthday. You are such a fun mom!

Pearce Fam said...

Happy Birthday Brookie! What a cute and sweet girl! I wish so much that Alexa could have been able to go to her birthday party, but it looks like she had lots of fun so I'm really happy for her. :)

carol said...

looks like she had a great birthday celebration between sunday and her party and all her loot!

happy birthday brooklyn!

Lopez-kids said...

Happy birthday beautiful Princess Brooklyn!! She is so adorable! We have to get together and play soon! Brooklyn and Sophia could play dressup together for hours!! :-) I miss you!!