Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Dresses

So this year I have to laugh about the girls Easter dresses. My mom and I went shopping to find dresses for the girls for my grandma's funeral. My grandma loved glitz and loved fashion so I wanted the girls to have beautiful dresses. I found these and knew these were the dresses and the only way I could justify buying them was that I was buying them for the funeral and Easter because reality is they have TONS of dresses.

Anyhow the story goes like this: Brooklyn was with me when I bought the dress and I knew her dress fit but I wasn't too sure about Mariyah's dress. I had the girls try on their dresses that evening at my parents and they both LOVED them. So I started taking pictures and they were all cute and being loving to eachother. They were posing and being really cute. Then all of a sudden Mariyah says "mom take this dress off it's way to small". I was a little confused but basically after taking these pictures she decided the dress didn't fit and it was comofortable.

Brookie kept her dress and we ended up getting Mariyah another outfit for the funeral and Easter. Looks like this is the 1st year the girls won't officially match for Easter although the pictures are cute.


Chrsitina MC said...

love that your girls love to pose

Jared Jensen said...

ok adorable easter dresses!