Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

My friends and I started an Easter Egg hunt last year and this is our 2nd year doing the Egg Hunt. It was a great success and all the kids had lots of fun. Mariyah wasn't there because she was at school but she also had an Easter Egg hunt at school.

We had fun hiding the eggs and the kids had fun finding them. The only problem was that as we were hiding them the kids wanted to follow us lol.

Here are some pics. I am trying to keep my blog updated because I have a few more Egg Hunts to post and it's not even Easter til tomorrow. I think by the time my girls get their baskets tomorrow they will be all Easter Egged out....then again probably not because they're kids:).

We also had an Easter Party last week for primary and had the Easter bunny there. The kids had fun finding Eggs and getting their picture taken.

Brookie's Friends since she was a baby:)

Running for the Eggs

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Jared Jensen said...

looks like fun! that's awesome mariyah had a hunt at school - i didn't know schools did that.