Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day

I realized that I didn't post pictures of Mothers day. Mother's Day morning I woke up and the girls and Joshua had made me a wonderful breakfast and the girls were so excited to give me gifts that they had made and bought. Joshua gave me a dozen beautiful rose.

We went to church and that evening we went to my parents house and my brothers and dad had made a wonderful meal and we had a great Mothers Day spending it with our mom.

Here are a few pictures taken before church as well as at my parents house.

Me with my girls

Roses from my Husband

When we went to my parents my mom had bought me this Mother's Day ballon
I love Mariyah's hand prints. I opened up my gifts in the morning and also in the evening at my parents because the girls wanted my mom to see what they made for me...cute huh:)

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Carol said...

sounds like you had a great mother's day! i always love it when the men folk cook :)