Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Salt River

The girls and Joshua & I had so much fun. The girls had fun splashing around and getting wet. For those of you that don't know the River is where people go tubing(I used to tube down there) and it's TONS of fun. The current can be really powerful and in a few areas with the girls I was a little nervous. Mariyah lost a flip flop and I fell into the water with my camera in my pocket and cell phone in the other. Thank goodness I didn't ruin either:).

When we went to the area were the current was strong I had Brookie where her floaties. She found her own little pool

Brookie having fun in the water with Dad

The girls loved climbing the rocks

Aww sweet sister's helping eachother

Joshua threw a rock and the girls enjoyed the splash

Mariyah having fun in the Sun

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Carol said...

i can't believe you fell in and you didn't ruin your phone or your camera - that's amazing!