Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Professional Pictures of the Girls"

I had a good laugh last week when I went to pick up pictures that I had taken of the girls. I went to pick them up from Walgreens and the photo gal said your pictures aren't here and I said they must be because I already paid for them online when I ordered. Then she went through a pile of pictures and said oh are these your pictures and I said yup they are. What happened was when they were printed out they thought they were professional pictures so they were in a different area. They said that I was going to have to prove that I have the copyright for the pictures. I explained to the gal that I took them and that the pictures were from a regular camera etc. She eventually let me take my pictures! What makes me laugh is that my camera isn't even that nice but the girls are really photogenic and they were all smile and posing so what do you they look professional. Either way to me they're adorable pictures:)

I feel bad because I never took Brookie to get her 3 year pictures so that's why there are a lot of individual pictures of her but I think it was really cute how Ry wanted sister pictures too.

I also put together these collages of the girls:)
They didn't scan in that good but they're cute.


Emilee said...

Cute photos! I think it has to do with the dark background. They shouldn't have a problem. I had a professional take photos and her name was printed on the photo so I had to sign a release form. That is pretty funny that they put your photos in that category. Way cool!

Carol said...

great pictures! i love that you needed to show proof of your copyright release form :) do i see a new business in your future?!