Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day

The girls and I made breakfast in bed for Joshua and then he opened up some gifts that the girls made for him and I bought him. It was a great Father's day and I am thankful for such a wonderful husband who loves his girls so much. They love spending time with their daddy.

The girls picked out this bag for Joshua

Breakfast in bed

Cute picture:)

Mariyah made this "bridge" for Joshua

I laugh at this picture when I see it because Joshua asked Mariyah to get a car so that they could ride over the bridge she made. So of course Joshua is thinking of hot wheels(which we don't own any) but the girls got their girly cars and people out instead. It was cute and funny.

Family picture

Joshua with his Girls

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Carol said...

ok i too love the bridge with the car on top of it - so girly :) looks like he had a great day!