Friday, July 2, 2010

Mariyah Loves to Face Paint

Mariyah enjoys being artist and painting so she said mom can I face paint your face and Brookie's face? I said sure that sounds good so she had fun face painting her face, Brookies face and my face:). She wants to face paint everyday but I told her she can face paint every once in a while:). I think she did a great job since this was her 1st time painting faces and so I let her face paint another time too:).

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Pearce Fam said...

thats so great that you let them do that! It reminds me that I need to chill out sometimes because my first thought would be "I don't want to clean that mess up" then "I don't want to clean her up" and then "I don't want to have to wash that off my face and redo my makeup" lol you just went for it, good for you!