Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Dresses
When I saw these dresses a few months ago I knew these were the girls Christmas dresses. I know they're not the traditional red dress but they were way too cute not to get. Plus this is probably the last year I can dress up the girls the same so I justified buying them:). For those of you who knew my grandma you know she would've LOVED the dress. She passed away the end of Feb and it's hard not having her here for the holidays. I love my grandma so much and when I go shopping I think of what I should buy here and then remember that she's not around. I know she's watching over us during this Christmas season. Love you grams:).

Our tradition each year for Christmas Eve dinner is to go to Macayos for dinner then to my parents for a wonderful Christmas Eve. This picture was taken last year of my grandparents together at Macayos. The girls won the Betty Boop for my Grams


Emilee said...

I love their dresses! I also love Andrew's nike shoes. So cute!

Brenda said...

Cute dresses! Have a wonderful Christmas Hadley's. :)

Carol said...

ok those dresses are seriously to die for! grams would be very thrilled to see them in them :)