Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

What a wonderful Christmas day for our family. The girls enjoyed opening up gifts and we had fun eating lots of candy and junk food lol. Good thing I got the Biggest Loser Kinect for Christmas so I can work off all the yummy food I ate:). The girls Love their new bikes and instead of writing a novel I am going to write under the pictures. Hope each of you were blessed with a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to enjoy the season.

Family picture at my parents house

The kids and I on Christmas Morning

Yes I know can you believe I bought Joshua a snuggie lol. I had a good laugh!

The girls loves their new bikes!

Cute Ry

Brookie loves her barbie bike

Gifts from us and Santa

In our house we have a Fireplace so this year the girls were so excited because Santa had a place to get into our house this year lol.

Cute picture of the kids on Christmas morning

Santa Baby Andrew

His outfit says My 1st Christmas. Too bad he threw up on it right before I took his picture

Attemping to get a picture of the kids. The girls were being silly.


Carol said...

ok seriously how cute is he in the santa outfit! what a little stud muffin (joshua is quite the stud in his snuggie too - ha ha)

Kimberly said...

I love the Santa suit. So cute!!!