Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why not have fun putting a Qtip in your sister's ear:)

The girls were playing and when I came into the room I realized that they were laughing and couldn't figure out why. Then I looked and saw something sticking out of their ears. They each had a q-tip in their ears!! I got a great laugh out of it. After taking a pic of them with the q-tip I took a few more fun sister pics. We are so thankful that we are blessed with such beautiful girls that really bring so much joy and adventure in our lives everyday.


Jamie said...

Seriously, they are too cute, I mean look at those cheeks! We like q tips at our house too. :)

Travis & Amber said...

Amy-I don't know if you remember us-we were in the Alma 11th ward and Kennedy was one of your sunbeams-I see your mom all the time at the temple, Anyway I found you through other previous ward members and would love to keep reading. We have one too if you want to see email me